Monday, April 5, 1999

The Beginning Of The Monday Motivator

On this day, April 5, 1999, I sent out an e-mail to my family and friends, about 15 of them, letting them know how my weekend went. It ended with an upbeat little ditty about making the most of the coming week.

The next Monday came and again, an e-mail with a little about me and my adventures ending with a lighthearted assignment to make something good happen. People replied and shared the happenings of their weekend. Thus began The Monday Motivator.

As the years went on, the list grew but not outside of people who knew me. Well, that is until 2003 when Dave got deployed and not only was I updating from the home front, but Dave was sending updates of his own. Suddenly friends of friends were reaching out to me wanting to be included on the e-mail list - his and mine. People told me who they knew that knew me and shared that they had been receiving The Monday Motivator for months, some even years and never felt compelled to introduce themselves...until Dave was deployed and I was home with a newborn baby. It was a wonderful kind of love, a gift given to me and my young family.

I'm sad to say that I do not have a complete archive of The Monday Motivator as it started as a simple e-mail to friends - it didn't occur to me to keep them. I keep thinking it must be possible that I have a box of 3.5 inch disks somewhere that holds a back-up of the computer I was using at the time, but who knows where it would be! If it ever turns up, I promise I will upload them to this site where they will live forever and ever!

In April of 2009, I sent out a 10 year anniversary Monday Motivator and it occurred to me that for 10 years I have been writing a column about nothing. I laughed and was grateful that Seinfeld made a show about nothing and it was a hit. My family and friends, and even some people who don't know me "in person" think it's worth reading. I know this because if I don't get it out on time, my e-mail fills up with, "What happened? Where is The Monday Motivator?"

If you feel so inclined, stay and read a few posts. Comment and let me know what you think. And if the lost posts turn up, you'll be the first to know!