Monday, October 28, 2002

MM 10/28/2002

Hello Friends,

Today I am free! I am free of the situation that has been troubling me. Funny thing is, it is not resolved at all. I simply crawled into bed last night, and consciously let go of all the negativity that is involved in this situation. I removed myself completely and invited some positive thoughts and smiling memories in. I slept like a log and woke up this morning with the
idea that I am going to accomplish all that is on my list and more today. I think this motivator is what I have been feeling all along, and how appropriate that it is articulated so well today (of all days!).

13 days and counting until the wedding, only 2 days until the drawing for the Wedding Fundraising Raffle (Did you get your name in the hopper?) and 3 days until I am officially out of Alameda and living in Dutch Flat.



Fear of criticism

Think for a moment how silly it is to live in fear of criticism. If you're doing what you know to be right, what possible reason could you have to fear the criticism of others?

Are you concerned that the comments and opinions of others will somehow damage your self esteem or self image? Are you afraid of speaking your mind or taking action because you might get your feelings hurt?

If you really want to improve your self esteem, stop allowing other people to be responsible for it. Instead, create something of value. Make a positive difference. Pats on the back are nice, but in the end the thing that will truly make you feel good about yourself is to accomplish something

Find valuable feedback in the criticism of others. Realize that it can't hurt you, that it actually can help. Go forward with the confidence of knowing that you're truly making a difference, and you will indeed.
Ralph Marston from The Daily Motivator
with permission