Monday, January 29, 2007

No Fun Being Sick!

Hello Friends,

I am in Cleveland, Ohio and I am sick. I am supposed to be in class today but I am not. I decided to err on the side of caution and not contaminate my classmates and I am in my room today. The needed facilities are near by and I am watching the snow fall.

Last week was all a frenzy getting ready to be gone. We had to empty the big cabinet in the bathroom and completely empty our master bedroom. They started work yesterday and the bathroom should be done when I get home and the carpet will go down in the bedroom on Tuesday of next week. I am excited to have a home improvement but it is tough to have to find places for stuff that you need to keep but can't stay where it belongs. We are using this opportunity to pare down and get rid of the stuff that we haven't used in ages.

OK, I am feeling another wave of the yuck coming so off I go. Have a great week and I will be back in touch on Monday!

Lots of love!


(No motivator today)

Monday, January 22, 2007

PBR Mason!

Hi guys,

For many of you this will be a Tuesday Motivator but you know what they say, "better late than never."

Last week was very busy, what else is new? Laughing! Some days it seems to me that I write the same thing week after week. We are busy, we are working, we are pooped! Does it seem that way to you guys?

On Saturday we did work. I worked in the morning showing houses and getting an application in the mail and when I got home, we all had lunch and then Dave took off to work that afternoon. Sunday was our family fun day. You all know I am a Master Winner. This time it was tickets to the PBR event in Sacramento. I won two tickets and it turned out that the seats were great. Mason was so excited. He had a ball for about an hour and a half and then it was just too much excitement. We didn't get to stay for the final 15 and we don't know who won, but Mason had a blast and got to ride a "real" bull. Check out the attached picture. Who knows if this obsession with bull riding will last, I sure don't but for now, it is what Mason loves so we love it too.

This week is also full but today took a turn that slowed things down a bit. The school called and said Mason seems to be ill. I came home from work and picked him up. Luckily for me, he went right to sleep so I was able to work for another couple of hours. Tomorrow and Wednesday are scheduled to the max and Thursday and Friday are pretty busy as well. Next week I will be in lovely Cleveland, Ohio and though it is a work week, I hope to make it to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

Have a great week and do something you love, something just for you!

Lots of love,


Richness all around you

Wherever life may find you today is a beautiful place to be. Whatever you currently have to work with is everything you need to make this a memorable and fulfilling moment.

There is value you're able to create right now that will always stay with you. There are joys to be experienced today that can change your life forever.

No matter where you may choose to go, the first step is ready for you to take. The journey toward any destination you can imagine begins right here and now.

There is richness all around you. There are possibilities stretching out in every direction.

See the beauty in every detail and the value in every challenge. Listen to the purpose that springs from deep within you, and follow the feelings that you know are true.

Let the brand new abundance that is born in every moment fill you fully with its warmth and substance.

On this day, in this place, with the world as it is, take it all in and let the beauty of life shine brightly through you.
Ralph Marston from The Daily Motivator
with permission

Monday, January 15, 2007

Winter! Winter! Winter!

Happy Winter!

Yes, Old man winter is in all his glory here in the foothills. We had a pipe head break last night and it created a very pretty ice sculpture on our river rocks. Good for us it was very minor and a simple fix. Is it cold where you are too?

On another homeowner note, we are remodeling our master bedroom bathroom. We had a water issue that is much too much of an explanation for this column but suffice it to say a newbathroom floor, new carpet in the bedroom is on the list for the insurance company and at this point it looks like we will just do some of the other painting and little things we have wanted to do while it is under construction.

So how are the resolutions going two weeks into the year? I have to say Dave and I are doing really well on our financial plan and we are both exercising more. I say more because it was none but it still needs to be more frequent. We are not eating out and so far it has been kind of nice. We plan ahead and eating out doesn't even come into question and even the time or two that we didn't have a plan we just work with what we have. I know it is only two weeks in but I am more optimistic than I have ever been about getting our bills paid and our savings built.

I propose you take today and find some time to go outside, in the cold and feel. Feel the cold air on your hands, your face and in your lungs as you breathe. Be present in the sunshine or the fog or the rain and see how alive you feel. While you stand outside, find five things to be grateful for right now, this minute in your life. See how your day goes from that point forward and if it is good, which I suspect it will be, find five more things tomorrow to be grateful for and do that each day and you will find more and more to be grateful for.

Have a wonderful week!

Lots of love,


"It's quite possible to leave your home for a walk in the early morning air and return a different person—beguiled, enchanted."
— Mary Chase, playwright and newspaper reporter

Monday, January 8, 2007

Brrrr! Baby It's Cold Outside.

Brrrr! Happy cold Monday,

I don't know if it is as cold where you are as it is where we are but boy oh boy, it is C-O-L-D here!

This last week seems like a blur. As I approached the weekend I was able to breath a sigh of relief. Dave had National Guard and God bless him, he was on the go all weekend. Mason and I on the other hand had no hard plans. We slept in on Saturday, got training wheels for his bike, played outside, had lunch, while Mason napped I cleaned he house and later in the day, I got ready for my date with Dave Saturday night. We went to the Sierra Capital Mortgage Christmas party at Garbeau's Dinner Theater. The show was "I love you. You're perfect. Now Change". Wonderful! We had a lovely dinner and laughed and laughed at all the funny things about men and women in different stages of relationships. We just have so much to be grateful for.

Sunday was more of the same for Mason and I and sadly, for Dave too. Being with a new unit, his weekend drills are just not the same kind of fun for him that they were when he commuted to Santa Cruz. In any case, Mason and I got some groceries and spent the majority of our day at Dahlynn and Kens. We exchanged gifts from Christmas and between the presents and playing with Shawn in his room (Shawn has very cool big boy toys!), Mason did not want to go home. That just warms my heart that he loves to be with the same people I love to be with.

So after Dave got home, I wrote an offer on a house and worked on two loans. 2007 is off to a good start! If you know anyone who may have a mortgage question or is looking to purchase or refinance this year, please give them my contact information. Referrals are the highest compliment I can receive.

Have a wonderful week and keep dreaming dreams bigger than you can imagine would ever be possible. They are possible! Good motivator for a new year... I hope you like it too.

Lots of love!


Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!

Hello all and Happy New Year!

Let me just take this opportunity to wish you all happiness, health and love this new year.

From Dave, Mason and I, look ahead and imagine all that is possible. See it as if it were already real for you and it soon will be.

Whatever you think, you are right. Might as well think you are happy, have many good, true friends, a job you love and a prosperous life!

Lots of love,