Monday, March 29, 2004

MM 03/29/2004


This is Riley. I know this is not what you were expecting, but my mom is very busy right now. Since my Papa is not here, I thought maybe I could help and send out her Monday message. You see, Mason has been sick. He started out with just a runny nose but by Friday, he was all the way sick. I waited on the deck while they went to see Dr. McGregor and he said small fever, ear infection, pink eye, with a big bad case of the common cold on top of that! Just when mom thought sleeping all through the night was becoming the norm. She said something about officially becoming a mommy but heck, she was my mommy long before Mason got here!

Anyway, I am not sick and I had a great weekend. You see, I go to school. I have been learning to walk nicely on the leash, come when I am called, and even to stay in the same place for no particular reason. Back to my weekend. I stayed alert to take care of the house for mom and Mason on Saturday. We watched movies, ate doggie snacks and just did lots of cuddling. On Sunday, I got to go for a long walk with mom, Mason and Uncle Mike! This is a really big deal because I have not been so good on walks in the past, I must be getting strait A's in school. We walked a long, long way. We saw lots of other people out walking and riding their bikes, doing yard work and cutting flowers. Other dogs, too, but I had to stay by moms feet, you know, the "heal" thing... when we got home, Mason took a little nap, he is feeling lots better now, and mom cleaned up my toys.

I got to go outside some more and play in the yard. And then there they were! A big Tom Turkey and his girls! I was gonna get 'em...all of them, I ran top speed in their direction when WHAM! The end of the cable. Yes, I still have to be tied in the yard. Just as I was really giving them a piece of my mind from the very end of my lead, mom came out to get me and it was time for dinner! I love dinner! Don't you? So now, Mason is asleep, mom is in the kitchen washing bottles & cleaning up ants and I am going to go play just a little more before bed....I have a monkey baby, a ball, and my favorite tug toy! I just need to be extra sure I am all tired out and ready to sleep. At least mom doesn't have to worry about all of us waking her up in the middle of the night...heck, I don't even hear Mason. Moms must have super duper hearing! She says I am just like my Papa, he doesn't hear Mason cry in the middle of the night either...hmm. Moms are good.


Mr. Riley (the Cocker Spaniel)