Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!

While you take this day off from work and enjoy time with friends, take a moment to raise your glasses or share a moment of silence for those who gave all so you can celebrate today and every day.

As a military family, we are proud to serve and I am so grateful that today I am not honoring Dave's memory. We are blessed.

If you know a military family, especially one who is experiencing a deployment, reach out to them and do something to make their life easier. People came out of the woodwork to support me while Dave was deployed and some were people I didn't even know! If you want to know of a family, I know of several in my area if you want an introduction. Have a wonderful day, Dave is home so I know I will!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring Cleaning and More!

Oh happy day! It's Monday and I'm out of school for a few weeks. I'm spring cleaning and cleaning up the clutter that has crept back in after my last big decluttering project. Summer school starts on June 6th so I'm working hard in these two weeks I have off. Mason and I planted the front bed yesterday, isn't it pretty?

Dave is doing much better. His leg has returned to (well, close to) normal size and is not bruised like it was. He is bearing weight on it but not walking normally, it's going to be two to three months before he is feeling somewhat normal again.

There are some really exciting things happening with Intentional Winning. I'm not at liberty to share the details just yet, but I am hopeful and even excited about what's on the horizon and seeing my dreams a little bit closer to coming true. I will keep you posted as things unfold and I need to keep doing the work that produces the results.

I hope you are doing the things that are making your dreams come true because I have to tell you, it feels really good when fruits of your labor start to ripen! Happy Monday Friends, I'm so glad to have you in my life.

Monday, May 16, 2011

To Send or Not To Send. . .

Welcome to Monday!

Our weekend was a great mix of work and play. This week is the last week of this semester for me so I am studying for finals and gearing up multiple projects for the few weeks I have off before summer school starts. Dave is back to work today and still on crutches. He is waiting to get the approval for physical therapy to begin and it can't come too soon. He is much better but still not walking and in some pain. I'm predicting that his recovery will be long.

I took the final for my history class and I got an A. With that grade I have secured and A in the class overall. I'm not sure if I did the same quality of work in my other two classes, but I'll let you know.

This entry is late not because I didn't sit still to write it, it's late because I was contemplating whether or not to share with you a moment of spiritual and personal growth that initially made up the whole piece. I wrote the story and then thought twice. Yes I did! Many of you are now shedding a tear with pride in my ability to think twice before pressing send. I'm growing and realizing that just because I've had an epiphany in my life, it doesn't mean it will resonate with you. Furthermore, it may be hurtful to some of you in my life even though that's not the intention. Life just works that way sometimes, for one of us to learn a lesson another of us has to say or do something (come on Kathy, pick the right word here). . . less than flattering (or stupid). In the end, hopefully all involved are the better for it. I believe we are. Maybe at some point I will share the story, for now it's just simmering with me as I work on implementing the changes I want to make with me.

Happy late Monday and welcome to a new week! Smiles, Kathy

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's So Cliche'

As I head into finals for my first semester back to school, I am rejuvenated and very tired! Is that possible to feel both of those at the same time? Well, I do. The difficulty with feeling rejuvenated in spirit and tired in body, is you don't have the strength to act on what your mind is racing to do. My mind races all the time anyway, add in a strong dose of inspiration and I'm spinning. Smiles.

In any case, it's all good. My body will rest and I will follow up on all the notes and ideas I am listing to take action on when I wake up. Dave is still on crutches though it seems his leg is slowly improving. He still can't bear weight on it and has not yet started physical therapy. I know as much as he wants to be well and whole, he is not looking forward to those initial sessions. Can you say, "OWWW?"

On Saturday we went to Ken and Dahlynn's Siete de Mayo party and as usual, it was a really nice time. Sunday was Mother's Day and as they always do, Dave and Mason made my day. They presented me with a big bouquet of sweet peas, and an even bigger bag of fresh cherries! I did what I wanted to do (read, watched a movie, talked on the phone, and mostly just lounged around the house), and we all went out to dinner at Max's. Who could ask for more, right? Leave it to Dave to take it one step past good. Dave gave me a Brighton watch to replace the one I lost a few years ago. Isn't it wonderful that I am late and Dave has given me the gift of time? I'm smiling still as I write this post two days later!

So now I'm finishing up school (semester ends May 20th) and looking forward to taking a fun class for the summer. Isn't it cool that Drama counts for communication credits? The fall semester will find me back at full time with four classes (12 units). If you can't tell, I am thoroughly enjoying being back in school! I can't wait to see what kinds of opportunities present themselves through furthering my education.

I appreciate your patience with me as I sometimes get my Monday Motivator out late. I love that some of you check on me if you don't get it by late afternoon, it assures me that at least three of you read it! My Motivator for this week comes from a conversation I had with a girlfriend of mine who has been going through some big life changes over the last 12-18 months. I know some of you are, too. She was explaining that she is glad to be growing and can see that it is all for the best, but it has just been so darn SLOW! I said to her, "Life is a journey, (it's a cliche for a reason!) and when you think about it, the slower the better - who wants to hurry up and die?" Sometimes I even surprise myself when I put words together so well! Lots of love to all of you, sincerely!

Monday, May 2, 2011

History Being Made

Welcome to Monday and all that is making news in our world. Osama Bin Laden is dead. As an American I'm glad. As the wife of an active duty Soldier, I'm scared. One less terrorist leader dead is a good thing, but so many other lives were spent to get here. I don't want to go into the politics or even discuss this much, just suffice it to say, we all have so much to be grateful for and now is the time to say, "I love you." "Thank you." "I have all I need." I keep hearing how families of the lives lost on 9/11 now have closure, do you really think this one mans death is giving them closure? I'm not so sure. In any case, this is an important part of history, but how it is actually written (plays out) still remains to be seen. I say let's not let our guard down just yet.

Let's talk about sunnier subjects, like the sunshine that made our weekend so amazing! We had a really nice weekend, it was slow and lovely. We visited the farmers market where Dave got a great piece of artisan cheese and I got a bouquet of sweet peas - my favorite flowers! I picked up groceries, we watched a couple of movies, I cleaned the house (including my floors!), we grilled in the back yard and even spent some time by the pool. It was just lovely.

Dave's leg seems to be getting better as the swelling is down some, but it still seems to me to be a more serious injury than originally diagnosed. He is seeing the doc again today and I just learned that they have ordered an MRI! Hooray! It's darn near impossible to put together a plan for healing and rehabilitation if you don't know what is really wrong. Either way, Dave has a long, painful road ahead of him. I told him two nights ago how sorry I am that he is going through this leg injury. He said, "Oh it's not that bad." To which I replied, "Oh it's bad for me! I'm SO sorry you are going through this injury." Laughing! Seriously, having to carry all the groceries up the stairs and put them away is just one of the tasks I'm used having him help me with. I understand better than most how hard it is to be on crutches, so I'll be patient and do all I can to make this rehab time a little less painful.

One more thing, do you have a Dream Not Come True that you would like to bring back to life? Share it with me and let me show you all the ways you can start to make it a Dream COME true! Check out my Intentional Winning In Life blog and see what dreams I've covered so far this year!