Monday, August 2, 2004

Supporting Our Troops!

It is Tuesday for most of you and very close for me! I am pooped but have lots to tell.

This weekend was jam packed with support for our troops. Saturday we met at Adventure Christian Church in Rocklin for a gathering of many people who brought care package supplies for Dave's company. There are about 133 men in this unit and we got up form the bottom of the list to number 63. Not bad. We will do another one in October for the holidays and this time we will make sure to have uniform, smaller boxes so we send out a box to every soldier.

Sunday we were at Country in the Park. This is a big country music concert in Sacramento where we were invited to set up a booth for Operation New Release. We didn't do much collecting of DVD's (which we still really need the newest releases, many of each!) but we did sell yellow ribbon car magnets and raised over $800! It was very cool We still have about 70 magnets to sell, so if you are interested, I have them for $5.00 each. This was Mason's first concert and he was a total trooper. I was wworkingwhile Dahlynn and Bruce really manned the tent and my baby. We made video of tthegeneral public sending messages to our troops and we hope to get it edited and burned to DVD to send to all the units and all the branches, not just Dave's. We even got messages from Julie Roberts, Restless Heart, Josh Gracin, Tracy Lawrence and Clint Black. It was a great day!

Today we are dealing with auto repairs ($1300! Yikes!) and stuff around the house that needs to be done. Mike painted my master bathroom and made sure Mason's swing was hung in the back yard. Other stuff too, but those were the important ones! I have also been confronting finances, (with major car repairs, you have to!) and that is enough to make anyone sleepy! So off to bed I go. Lots done, 1/2 the car fixed and a depleted savings.....I still have the love of my hubby who will be home on R&R the 20th of this month, a baby who smiles and laughs all the time and most of my health! Laughing! Have a great week and I'll be back next week!

Lots of love!


No Official Motivator, too tired, must go to bed......very heavy eyes......sigh......