Monday, April 27, 2009

From The Snow To The Rodeo!

What a weekend! Saturday we were in the snow and Sunday we were testing our sunscreen at the rodeo! My sunscreen didn't hold up, but sitting in the sun, on metal bleachers, it's gonna be a tough job even for SPF45!

The snow trip was intended to be a working day. I booked Studio KYK Photography to round up a bunch of kids so we could get lots of little happy faces, hands with gloves on them, and maybe even a crying face with "the other" gloves," to create a great booth for our two upcoming trade shows. Two great lessons came out of the day.

The first took us all back to a time we were invited to be somewhere, said we would go, and for some reason or another didn't really want to go when the time came. We did the right thing by calling to say we wouldn't be making it, thinking all along, It's okay if I don't go. I won't be missed. Everyone else will go. Well, next time you feel that way, think about this MM. For the first time in all the events I've ever planned, we had a 100% no-show! Apparently, everyone of the families (we were expecting 20+ children) felt like another family would go.

The second lesson was one we all know but this time, we put it into action immediately. We went ahead and made the best of a sno park all to ourselves, a gorgeous day, two beautiful kids, Mason & Scottie, and a picnic lunch to die for. We took lots of pictures, and though I didn't get the variety of faces and ages, we had a great day.

If you live in the Sacramento area and need a photographer, you've got to talk to Monica at KYK Studios! Monica not only did all the things you expect a professional to do, she went above and beyond in providing props, being open to all ideas, and keeping the energy with the kids light and fun. Her style is more candid, but she has a way of getting her subject to do what she wants while they continue to do whatever it is their doing. Finally, the best part, Monica has a natural eye for photography. Her shots come out with an amazing flair and beauty. Check out her work at

For a great Monday Motivator, visit my Intentional Winning blog for a read you'll want to print out and hang above your desk. I promise, it's really good!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring & Summer - All In A Weekend!

Happy Monday All!

Late last week it snowed here in Auburn, and today the temps topped out at 91 degrees! Isn't that what spring is all about? Dave had drill this weekend so it was pretty much just Mason and me during the day. I spent most of my weekend on my ongoing decluttering project while Mason played outside.

Dave and I had a date Saturday night to go out for dinner and dancing, but after the strenuous day of cleaning I had, I was pretty spent. We had a nice dinner and did go dancing, but it was one of those nights that never really got off the ground. A bit of a disappointment for both of us, but the good news is, we have a new sitter. If that's all we ended up with from the initial plan, we won the lottery!

Sunday I tackled another area of the house and Mason and I went to the park. When we got home, Dave was home early and hit the yard work with the same vigor I've been tackling the house with. He dug out a huge bamboo root ball and weed whacked much of the side lot. We had some barbecue for dinner and then sat by the fire and had a glass of wine. A perfect way to end a gorgeous weekend! See pictures below!

With a new week just hours away, I've already started my battle plan and hope you are off and running with as much enthusiasm as I am! Happy Monday! Happy New Week! Happy, happy, happy!

Pictures of Sunday Night

Me and Riley settling in to watch the sun set.
This is just me, enjoying the fire before Dave and Mason got there.

Riley at my feet, right where I like him!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Universal Post For Today

How do you talk to yourself? Your words are incredibly powerful and I bet you're very selective when you talk to your family, friends, and even strangers. My thoughts are that we could be equally or more careful with the words we use when we talk to ourselves. Here's my mantra for today:

I choose to focus on my future, visualizing what will be, looking for the good, going to smile at everyone I cross paths with making my present perfect, living it like I know it is, abundant. I've changed my view of success and know that I have all I need! How about you? How will your day go? Make it great and it will spill into tomorrow, then the next day, and so on....smiling!

Choose your words carefully because all you say, you will think, and all you think will soon be!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Busy, Busy, Weekend!

Happy Spring !

It really feels like winter is gone and summer is on it's way, don't you think? We had a non-stop holiday weekend. We headed out of town on Thursday to go visit with Dave's family. We had a wonderful dinner at a Mexican restaurant with Dave's mom, his sister, and her family. It's always fun to get together and especially fun because Mason loves to see everyone. After dinner, Mason went home with his grandma and cousin Kayla while Dave and I met Jose, Amie, Steve, and Roberta to sing Karaoke at a local bar. Karaoke started at 9:30 but we were the only ones there until after 11 PM! It was like have a private party. We had a ball singing songs we didn't know, but belted them out anyway! Attitude is everything with Karaoke.

Friday, on our way home from San Jose, we made a planned stop in Lodi where Julie was celebrating her 20 year anniversary with AMR. Congratulations Julie! Not many people in our generation can say they've been with one company for 20 years.

Saturday there were Easter egg hunts O'plenty! I took Mason to one of the bigger ones and then we all went to Ken and Dahlynn's for another celebration. Mason (5), Nickolaus (4), and Jake (3) were the only kids hunting eggs, so needless to say, this one was the most fun.

By the time Easter Sunday rolled around, we were about egg-hunted out. The Easter Bunny did hide eggs in the backyard and there was a little something for everyone. Dave made a wonderful dinner and after tackling the garage clutter, dinner and cocktails were just what the doctor ordered. You can check out all the decluttering activities at

Happy Monday! Have a great week.

Easter Weekend Pictures

The loot from the first egg hunt.
Perfect road trip companions...sleeping!
Nicholaus, Mason, and Jake before the hunt.
Riley got a "chocolate bunny," too!
Special dog treat, not real chocolate.
Mason hunting egss in our backyard Easter morning.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Partak's Funny Life

I don't have much to report but lots I could talk about. Mason has been a laugh a minute lately so let me share some of our family funnies.

We were discussing how good Mason is at putting a puzzle together. He can recognize the shapes of the pieces and find where they go really fast. I told him he had a really sharp mind. He said, "Yeah, I have a sharp mind." Dave chimed in that Mason must get this skill from him because he was really good at puzzles, too. To that, Mason replied, "Dad, you're old. You don't have a sharp mind, you have an oval mind." I laughed out loud. "What exactly is an oval mind?" Apparently in the world according to Mason, an oval mind is something that comes with age.

Later, we were sitting in the hot tub and it was time to get out. Mason very grown-up like said, "I think I'll stay in a little longer. I need some Mason time." What!? I asked him why he thinks he needs time designated as Mason time. He went on to say, "I need some time to splash, swim, and play with boats and monsters. You just want to relax in hot tub and I need to make know, be a kid. I need some Mason time." I just shook my head. I couldn't disagree with the noise and being a kid part, but I tried one last argument. "What about all the time you spent watching cartoons today? Isn't that Mason time?" To that Mason thought for a second and said, "No, that wasn't Mason time. I didn't have the remote. It was on the kitchen counter." Ey-yey-yey!

Have a great week and make sure to carve out some time for yourself. And remember, if you don't have the remote with you while you watch TV, it doesn't count as time to yourself! Still laughing!

Today's motivator comes from Sarah, age 12. She said, "The world is a wonderful place and everyone should shut up and enjoy it every once in a while."