Monday, February 22, 2010

Busy Work. Busy Week.

It's been one of those weeks where there has been mass amounts of administrative work to be done. I've done it, I think. The list was so long, I bet there is something I've forgotten to do or just don't realize I still need to do it. Have you ever had a week like that?

Mason was sick Thursday and Friday which challenged me to have to work from home while Dave is working in southern California. It actually worked out well and I got more done for my day job than I sometimes do at the office.

So glove sales are moving along, lots of phone tag, people reaching out wanting an appointment but I don't have the time to drive all over the mountains this year like I did last year. The problem with this is, we have new products, different fabrics, and a mitten for next season. It''s hard for someone to buy the new stuff if they can't see it! We have a local trade show coming up the first week in March and hopefully we'll get to see most, if not all of our existing CA clients there. Otherwise, we have to figure out how to meet with them even if it means making the trip to Truckee, Reno, Lake Tahoe, or any of those outlying areas to see one client in an afternoon. You see, I have to pick Mason and Kyle up from school at 1 PM, drop them off at day care and then have to be back to pick Mason up by 6 PM. This gives me between 1:30-5:30 to travel at least 2 hours of travel and only 2 hours to sell. That's a lot of trips and a very small window of opportunity considering a change in weather will make the whole day a loss. In any case, we will do what it takes to make it happen and as we start to make money, hopefully, we'll be able to have more time to devote to the glove business and not have to spend so much time working for other people (I love the people I work for and with, but I'm only one woman!).

So I got all the paperwork pulled together and submitted to my CPA, completed my P&L for ZipperBack Gloves for 2009, finished another prototype (need to re-do it), sorted/filed mass amounts of paper (bills, receipts, etc), and cleaned the house! Can you believe there is still more to do? There is always more to do!

Here's today's quip: An entrepreneur tends to bite off a little more than he can chew hoping he'll quickly learn how to chew it - Roy Ash, co-founder of Litton Industries

Does that sound like anyone we know? Laughing! I know, I know, "Close your mouth when you chew!" Still laughing!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Monday!

I can't believe how life can speed up and slow down at the blink of an eye. I should realize that January to April is the busy time for ZipperBack Gloves, but working full time now, it sort of snuck up on me. For Dave, he is back in school and juggling more because I am working, too, well it makes for some late nights and early mornings.

We are having to reprioritize our lives and now that we are catching up financially, we have less time to do the things we love. For me, that's writing and for Dave it's gaming. My blogs are behind (not so tragic, but I really do enjoy writing them). I suppose come April when our glove order is placed, there will be more time to write, or maybe not! Who knows what else is on the horizon? laughing!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day weekend, I did. Dave made a lovely dinner and gave me the one thing I wanted most of all, a love letter. What girl married nine years doesn't want that kind of schmoop? For me, it's the best gift ever!

With that, here is my motivator for Dave and for today: "You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without."

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pictures From Denver & Utah

Welcome to Denver! Our bartender at the bar offering free drinks to SIA attendees. Too funny!
Mike & Mason, the video is even better! Coming Soon!

Too much fun!
Mike and Dave reliving Gilligan's Island Poobah!

Mason on the Woozle-Doolze in Winter Park, CO

Doug, Mike, Dave, Me, and Mason in Winter Park, CO

Just made me laugh every time. You, too?

The Woozle-Doozle

The Family Picture. Winter Park Resort

My family in Utah. My mom, (Mason, me), Coby, Lexi, sister Terry, Tammy (front), Jonathan (back), brother in law Bill (front), and Dave.