Monday, April 30, 2007

MM 4/30/2007

Happy, happy day!

We had a wonderful weekend. As many of you know, it was Wild West Stampede weekend here in Auburn and that means Rodeo! We love the rodeo and Mason of course, was all about living the cowboy way. He was very upset that he is still not old enough to ride a sheep (Mutton Bustin) but we promised him next year he would be a contender. On Wednesday at the opening ceremonies for the Rodeo, Mason participated in a dummy roping contest (he's not the dummy, the dummy is the bull, the target) and though he did not win, he was the first little guy to actually rope the dummy all by himself! I have to say, I was quite proud that he participated, followed the rules and didn't chicken out.

Yesterday we did what I call "Happy Home" work. It is all the stuff you have to do to keep your home happy. I got up before the boys and took my coffee and Sunday paper out back to read in the morning sunshine. Later we organized the garage and started getting our camping gear in order, and then we moved to the backyard to clean the waterfall and get it running again. That was a dirty job but it was so nice when it was all clean and running with all that joyous noise. We celebrated our happy home with a pre Cinco de Mayo celebration in the backyard with meat and veggies on the grill served with fresh guacamole and Corona's with lime. What a great weekend!

I am ramped up for the coming week. I have lots to do for all my jobs but I'm feeling especially able. It is a funny thing, finishing my book has made me realize I can do anything... literally anything. I thought several times this weekend when I didn't want to finish a dirty task (cleaning the sledge out of the bottom of the pond), "hey, I wrote a book, I can finish this." From that standpoint, it is nothing but good. Have a wonderful week and here is today's Motivator:

Think about what your wildest dream is. When you come up with what it is you want to do, where you want to go whatever it is, take some action to find out what it will really take to make it happen. Just for grins, look into it. Then, after you have some info, dream bigger because no matter what it is, it is small potatoes compared to what you could actually accomplish or achieve!

Lots of love and big smiles from the beautiful Sierra Foothills!

Monday, April 23, 2007

MM 4/23/2007

Hello friends,

This motivator is going to be short and sweet. I spent this weekend in isolation finishing my book. Some of you know a little about it and most of you don't, just suffice it to say I am very excited and will let you know more when I can.

After 17 hours of writing and more than 30,000 words this weekend alone, I am pooped!

Have a great week!

Monday, April 16, 2007

MM 4/16/2007

Good day Friends!

What a gorgeous day it is here in Auburn and with the rain we had over the weekend, it is that much cleaner and clearer.

Dave had National Guard this weekend and Mason and I got all kinds of stuff done. We did some work, cleaned the house, ran errands, showed houses, pulled weeds, and replanted some of the ice plants we lost in the freeze. The best part of the weekend was when we played in the rain. We went out and stomped in the puddles and even found one really great puddle that was deep and muddy! Oh, that was the best! After playing in the rain we went right to a warm bath (for Mason) and settled in for the evening.

Last week I asked about manners in kids and it was so cool to hear back from many of you. The responses were all different, but all the same in that it seems we care and we want well mannered kids in our lives. IT was really fun to hear back from all of you and to see what you think and best of all, to get your advice so let me pose another question or thought;

How do you feel about helping? Helping with your time and/or money? What I mean by this is, My experience has been that most people find it hard to ask for help and yes, there are many kinds of help. I find it interesting that people qualify who needs help and who doesn't. That is to say that it doesn't matter if I feel the need to ask, most will feel the need to qualify my need and then decide to help or not. To take it a step further, if I were to ask for financial help before I was in dire straits and you determined my situation wasn't that bad so you let me continue to work on it and it continued to worsen until it was so bad that I was losing my home, it would be said by some, why didn't you ask for help before it got this bad? There in lies the point and the real question, why does someone have to be in a dire or life and death situation before people really want to get in the game and help? Do you think this is the case?

For the record, I am not in dire straits, or on my way to them but I have had similar experiences, one fairly recently. I have also been very lucky to have people help me unconditionally as I have helped others. I love this kind of stimulating conversation and you can certainly choose to participate or not.

Today's Motivator is wonderful and timely. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!


Question your assumptions

What assumptions have you already made about today, and why? Consider that some of those assumptions may no longer be accurate, and may very well be holding you back.

It's comfortable and convenient to assume you can't do something. Yet such an assumption quickly turns into a continuing limitation that you place on yourself.

Things that were true for you many years ago may no longer have any validity. By holding on to those old assumptions, you prevent yourself from making the most of the new opportunities that come your way.

Think of how dramatically the world has changed in the last ten or twenty years. Have your assumptions about your own possibilities kept pace?

You may be carrying assumptions that were placed in your mind by people who no longer play a role in your life. Take a close look at the choices and decisions you make, at the goals and aspirations you hold, and examine the assumptions behind them.

Make it a point to regularly question your assumptions. By so doing, you're sure to find much value that you've been hiding from yourself.
Ralph Marston from The Daily Motivator
with permission

Monday, April 9, 2007

MM 4/9/07

Hi Friends!

Happy Easter. I know it is the day after, but I think it is never too late to wish someone a happy anything.

We had a great Easter weekend with a BBQ and egg hunt at Ken and Dahlynn's. Mason loved being with the other little kids and I loved decorating cupcakes with Lahre! What an artist she is! We left Orangevale and made our way to San Jose to spend the night with Dave's mom. We had dinner and a nice evening visit and Sunday morning, boy oh boy, the Easter Bunny came to visit. He left Mason a basket with a pair of real army PT shorts and T-shirt just like his dad wears, a whole herd of bulls and cows with calves and a little candy too. He hid eggs all through the house and Mason had a ball finding them. The best part was Riley getting up early and finding all the eggs first! He would find one and bat it all over listening to the candy rattle. When I would scold him and tell him to leave them alone, he would find another. It was priceless! After breakfast we went to Dave's sister's house for an early Easter dinner and a lovely, lovely visit in their backyard. It was a really nice day.

We found ourselves at home pooped out and still had laundry to do, dinner to make and Mason needed a bath something terrible. By 10 PM we were all in bed breathing "Z's".

I hope you had a wonderful Easter and if you have a minute, I would love to hear about it.

Instead of a motivator today, I want your insight. I have been doing some research into Manners and Etiquette, especially with our kids. I am wondering if you think manners are still alive today and if you think they are as important in today's society as they were years ago. Do we put our kids at risk teaching them to respect their elders when some of their elders could possibly harm them? Tell me what you think?

Lots of love and until next week.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

MM 4/5/2007

HI Friends,

Last week I wrote very little. As you know, we were in Truckee and weather conditions were not good for travel. We stayed the extra night and it was neat to be tucked away in a lovely winter home, but also a little stressful knowing we all had work commitments and appointments to keep or reschedule. We were up at the crack of dawn on Tuesday and even while we were cleaning the house and planning to close it all up, HWY 80 traveling west bound was still not open. Needless to say, by the time we were in the car, the road was open and we slowly headed up and over the hill. I am attaching a few shots of the snow for those of you who have not had a chance to frolic and play. For those of you who live in it, yes, it is novel for those of us who don't! Laughing.

Dave is back from Kentucky and we are all back to work and school. February is gone and March feels like it is half way over. Can you believe how time flies the older we get? Sheesh! The strange thing is that we have seen next to no "Old Man Winter" and Spring is pushing her way in. We need more rain and snow so we will have full lakes to ski on for Poobah. I hope you are all well and practicing gratitude. It seems like such a simple thing to do when in fact, it makes a huge difference in so many outcomes of our lives.

Have a wonderful week and I'll catch you next Monday!

Happiness is now

As long as you are preparing to be happy, you will not be. If you continue to see happiness as some distant goal to be reached, you will not experience it.

Happiness is now. The only time you can ever experience it is the moment that you are in.

Happiness is unconditional. When you put conditions on happiness, it immediately disappears.

Happiness makes no judgments or demands. When you focus on judging others and making demands of them, it drives happiness away from your life.

Though happiness is simple and uncomplicated, it is at the same time profound and sophisticated. For when you allow yourself to be truly happy, the positive energy can reach into every corner of your life.

Set aside the complaints, excuses, conditions and demands, and make a place for happiness in your world. Be happy, and you'll discover a whole new level of life's richness.
Ralph Marston from The Daily Motivator

Monday, April 2, 2007

MM 4/2/2007

Hi Friends!

I am a little late today because I got up early and hit the ground running. I came back to the house to eat some lunch, and while sitting on my front porch with a big green salad, I realized I didn't send out my MM. So before I get back to work, I thought I would jot a few lines.

Over the weekend we celebrated Julie's 40th birthday. It was a beautiful day and the event was held at Vino Piazza in Lockeford. We had great food, live music and the best mix of people. We danced, ate delicious food, drank good wine, and ultimately celebrated good friends.

The best part for me is that it turned out that Dave was able to be there with us. Dave was supposed to be in So. CA for the whole month of April and through a paperwork snafu, he was sent home and has to reschedule. Hooray for us! Dave will be home for Easter and get to color eggs with us too!

OK, I have to get back to work... Have a wonderful week and make great things happen! I love this, it speaks to the nurturers that we are as women and every man on my list will appreciate it as well.

Lots of love,

A Thought on Hope and Perseverance

"The woman who holds a child in her arms and says, 'It's okay that they laughed at you. You are smart; I promise you are'; the woman who holds a man in her arms and says, 'You are no less of a man for having lost your job; to me, you are brilliant and strong'; the woman who can give hope to those who have no reason to hope; the woman who can endure deep pain and know that this too shall pass, and can hold on till it does—the woman who can do and say these things, and has the courage to mean them, carries a conviction that makes them true."
— Author Marianne Williamson