Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year!

May the past be left behind, unless the memories are happy. May the future be bright, but not so shiny you forget to enjoy the present. Every moment we have with the ones we love is the real gift in this lifetime. I love these people so very deeply, I hope you get to be with your people tonight, too.
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Mason's Christmas of Love, 2018

Having a 15 year old is a challenge, especially during the holidays. Mason is completely normal and I am not complaining, its just that it's sometimes more difficult than others to turn the other cheek when they can't see outside of themselves. Mason has been all about what he wants, what he will be buying for himself, and so on. I asked him last week what he was thinking about for his dad. No answer. I asked again, to which he replied, "I'm giving him llooovvvveee! I'm giving you and dad love for Christmas." I love that! I told Mason that I appreciated that very much, my heart was warm thinking about a Christmas of love.
Mason woke up this morning to a half dozen packages of love. I printed some of my favorite quotes and laminated them after writing, "Mason's Christmas of Love, 2018" on them and I will punch a hole and thread a ribbon through them to be future ornaments for his Christmas trees. The first package he opened was this one, our holiday Christmas card with a note on the back . Then the rest followed. When Dave and I started exchanging gifts, I pointed out that Dave and I did not agree to the "love" for gifts, in fact, we get our joy from thinking of the other and how much they might like this gift or that. I explained that it would be awkward for us to bombard him with gifts if he wasn't finding the same joy in giving that we were, so we were respecting his wishes. The joy is in giving far more than getting.
By the time he got to love gift number 5, he was really getting it, and I could see the reality starting to hit him..."I'm getting nothing for Christmas..." he thought. Dave and I left the room and came back with all his wrapped gifts in a big Santa sack, he said he wasn't sure how to feel, he was glad he had real gifts to open but acknowledged he had been a real "Dingle."
I have to give him kudos, he kept his cool, he maintained a good attitude and ultimately, I think he got the message. He told me a few hours later that this was an awesome Christmas and how much he really loves his dad and I and the life we live. Mason is a good kid, he's completely normal and he's smart, funny, and quick. I think he got it. Merry Christmas friends,

Monday, December 17, 2018

Look Who's 52!

Today is my 52nd birthday! Yep, it's the one I've been waiting for all of my adult life. Why this one? I don't know. LOL! Because 52 is my number, it's the number I get when I'm in line at the DMV, when I have to check my coat at a formal event, or when I am waiting to have a sandwich made at my local deli, #52. Two years ago I set out to make an epic plan to go someplace tropical for my 52nd birthday, I figured two years was enough time to plan and save and get a group of people together for a few days of fun in the sun in December. I don't know what I was thinking! There is no way my Christmas Loving husband can be away from home for a week at Christmastime. I looked at the plans and saw that the plans weren't panning out so we made plans to spend a few days in Las Vegas with David and Lisa Anderson and I was good with that, in fact, I was excited about that plan. You see, Dave and I got engaged on December 14, 2001, way back when and to be in Las Vegas for that anniversary, with David and Lisa would have been great. Well, again, that wasn't meant to be. On Thanksgiving day I injured my right knee and just couldn't manage all the standing and walking so I cancelled Vegas and we stayed home. Dave planned a birthday party and gave me the BEST gift, he framed his favorite pictures of us, minus one he couldn't find (I'll find it and we'll put it in the middle).

It all worked out, Mason ended up having an audition that gave us some great time together. I always take advantage of the opportunities to be in the car with him for any significant amount of time, and the time to and back from San Francisco is just that. The auditions take no time at all, but we always spend a little time visiting a thrift store (something I like to do) and finding a good restaurant (something he likes to do). This time, because it was December we went to Pier 39 to see the holiday decorations and Mason had some fun with the camera on his new phone. He took a photo of me and posted this on his Instagram account -

"I love my mom so much, and I really don't say it enough, but mom I love you. I know the last couple of months have been a little bit of a struggle with High School, Jobs, and just life getting in the way. But this is my favorite picture of you, because you in this picture you are simply happy and in the moment, and that's how you live your life and that's how I wanna live my life. Mom I love you and there's no doubt about it, even when you're mad at me, or I'm mad at you you will always be my #1supporter and the love of my life because you out of everyone will always be there for me.💕"

What can I say, having Mason write something like this to me on his social media was the best birthday gift ever. He didn't write it as a birthday gift but It touched my heart that way. So here we go, I'm 52 and it's all good. 

Monday, December 10, 2018

Nostalgic December

Uh Oh! It didn’t look that big in the wild. Do you know a good roofer? Yes, Dave has our Christmas tree coming out fo the roof of our house. It's just one more fun idea he had and I love seeing him make his ideas real.

December is always nostalgic. When Dave was #deployed to Iraq in 2004 I made ornaments that were just photos. I sent him a little artificial Christmas tree and made him the same ornaments. That was the only Christmas we’ve ever spent apart. These are some of those ornaments. 

I'm supposed to be in Las Vegas this week celebrating my 52nd birthday with Lisa Anderson. The gift was being with her, not so much being in Vegas. Instead, I'm prepping for knee surgery after hurting my knee on Thanksgiving day. Yes, this is a bit of a pity party, but dang it, my 52nd was the birthday I was most looking forward to celebrating... Okay, enough of that. I will practice gratitude and a giving spirit today. I'm going to find ways to give of myself and anything I have not only today but every day. Happy Monday friends.

Monday, December 3, 2018