Monday, March 25, 2013

Hawaii or Bust!

Finally, Someday it Today! It's a day later than we planned but we are finally waiting to board a flight to Oahu out of Travis AFB. The flying Space-A could be really good now that we know how the system works. Actually, this was the purpose of this trip was to learn how to utilize this system so we can hopefully fly more at no cost. We learned the ropes here and now we will need to see if what we learned works coming home at the end of the week.
We made the best of the time we had to wait by taking Mason indoor kart racing, doing a little shopping, and as we Partaks do, lots of laughing! Our plans in Hawaii include Pearl Harbor/the Memorial, Mason wants to take a surfing lesson, we will visit the north shore to snorkel, we have tickets for a Luau, and hopefully we can get to the Polynesian Cultural Center and the Dole Pineapple plant.  All in all, there are certainly some trade-offs for being able to fly for free, and once we had an understanding of them, I think it will all be good.
I'll have plenty to share next week and lots of photos! Have a great spring break.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Midterms. 'Nuff Said.

Midterms are in full swing and that means I am buried. After midterms we are off to Hawaii for spring break. Before you all turn green with envy (or purple as my dear friend Marsha says!), keep in mind we are taking a chance on the military "hop" system - basically we fly free if we have the flexibility and patience to wait and chance not getting home. I'll keep you posted on grades and the vacation next week.

Monday, March 4, 2013

My Crazy, Busy, Funny Life!

Happy Monday!
It looks like spring outside but not for long, the rain and snow are coming! I'm quite pleased about this because we are headed to Truckee this coming weekend and a fresh dusting of the white stuff will be nice.
If you live in the Sacramento area or are interested in watching on-line, Mason will be on Good Day Sacramento tomorrow morning in the 8 AM hour, probably about 8:20. He's pretty excited to show that he is not only handy in the kitchen, he can do some other things, too. You will have to tune in to see or check it out on-line after. Here's the link.
This is one crazy busy week, but I have an observation to share with you all, some of you old-married folks will likely get a chuckle out of this, but here's the way it goes: Dave plans to make chili for an upcoming event and goes to the store to buy the ingredients. He will come home and if it's something that does not need to be refrigerated, he will stack it on the counter. I'll see the pile and put the groceries away. He'll then come home and ask what happened to his chili fixins'. When I explain I put them away he will then inform me he planned to use them. "Yes, and your event is not for another 3 days." This has happened in our marriage over the years with food, clothes, project supplies, and who-knows what else. Is it just me, or could it be possible that Dave could live in a house with everything he ever will need to use will be in a pile in the vicinity of where he plans to use it? I see this in my head as a Sunday comic strip, in full color and cut out to hang on refrigerators all across America! Maybe not, but when I do laundry, I put my clothes away even though I know I will  be wearing them the next day. I also put the diced tomatoes in the cupboard just above where they would be piled waiting for me to make chili, I mean, it's the difference between reaching directly in front of me or reaching up a few feet to the cupboard. Laughing! I'm not ragging on Dave, we've talked about this through the years and it's funny like the way I think he can lead troops into battle but can't effectively load a dishwasher OR be able to look at the dishes and tell if they are clean or dirty (psst, the water pooling on the upside down glasses tells you they are clean). I know, some will argue it's his way of not having to do the dishes, but that doesn't work! I would love to know if you've observed this or something like this, it makes me smile and who doesn't need a smile on Monday?
And let me leave you with a big Whoo-Hoo for Dave who got a 95% on his Anthropology paper AND scored highest in his class on the midterm! My husband who hates to write really rocked this one!
Have a great week!