Tuesday, May 27, 2003

MM 5/27/2003

Welcome to a new week!

And a short one too! Did you do something fun this weekend? Dave was off being a Civil War Soldier, and a Game Geek while I was home enjoying the sunshine. Wasn't the weather just glorious?

On Saturday I took Riley to the lake and he went swimming for the first time ever. It was pretty funny, he was just playing, getting his feet wet, up to about his belly and then he would get out and sniff around. Well that sniffer was working pretty good and he found the stinkiest, fishy place in the dirt and eagerly rubbed his face, head and all that is attached in this stinky, stinky stuff! "That's it, you're going in!" I put him in the water just over his head and he went under, eyes big, slightly panicked, looking up through the water, he starts to swim! He came up, snorting, paddling hard and when he got out of the water, he was so excited, he was shaking off the water, barking, wagging his tail and just filled with life. I guess it was one of those baby milestones.

Sunday was shopping for Poobah & groceries, and Monday was administrative. Organizing bills to pay, returning phone calls, tidying up the house and then off to meet Dave at the river, Discovery Park. We only spent a few hours, but it was enough time to get a stinging sunburn. Ouch!

I like this motivator. With some things in life right now making me question my skills and abilities, today I choose to think I can handle it. I can reshape my body & stay fit even while I am pregnant. I can communicate effectively with those I love in spite of emotions I can't always control right now, OH! I can control my emotions!! Laughing! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!!! I KNOW I can!

Drop me a line and let me know how your weekend shaped up. I would love to hear from you!

With lots of love!


Thoughts Matter

What you become, you become first in your mind. What you accomplish, you accomplish first in your mind. The life you live is a direct and unfailing manifestation of your thoughts.

So what are you thinking? Do your thoughts hold you back, or do they push you forward? Look around you and you'll see. The life you live is the result of the thoughts to which you have given the most energy and attention.

Thoughts don't magically become reality the moment you think them. Rather, your thoughts become reality as a result of the power you give to them. If, for example, you think about how nice it would be to become an artist, and then never think that thought again, it won't happen. If, on the other hand, you constantly think about becoming an artist, throughout the day, day after day, month after month, to the point where those thoughts influence your actions, then you will indeed become an artist.

What thoughts are you constantly thinking? Are they destructive, or are they enriching and empowering? Your thoughts matter very much, and you are always free to think whatever you wish. Choose the thoughts that will lift you up and watch yourself soar as a result.

Ralph Marston from The Daily Motivator
with permission