Monday, January 31, 2005

Didn't I Tell You They Would Change The Date?

Well my dear friends, it is Sunday night, not that late and I am completely pooped out!

Mason and I were in Alameda this weekend and we had a wonderful time. Our visit with Lisa and David was great, Lisa and I got lots of time to visit. The Chili Cook Off was great fun and though Terry (and I) did not win this year it was great to see everyone and visit. The best part was watching Mason in his first real big social situation. I am sure you all realize that babies and young children love music, well, Mason is no exception. The thing with Mason is that where most little ones will bounce by just bending their knees, he will bounce, shuffle his feet and he has a move with his hands and arms that is his alone. With one hand he will motion like he is snapping his fingers and moving his arm appropriately and with his other arm, he has it strait up above his head doing a wiggling like a noodle motion. I know that is a wild description but it is as accurate as I can be! I will have to at some point try to get it on video, it MUST be captured for future generations! So dressed to the nines in his little Wranglers, boots, western shirt and belt with buckle, he was as cool as could be......or as cool as you can be with a big ole drool hanging from your face! Laughing! He had a ball as did all of us watching him. Yet one more time I was so sorry Dave was not there!

So It looks like we are not going to meet Dave this weekend. As we expected, it has been delayed. I do not know for when but I will let you all know when I do.

Lots of love to you and have a wonderful week! I think this motivator was written by a one year old! No kidding that persistence will get you what you want, it sure pooped mom out!

Love to you all!


Power Of Persistence

One small effort, by itself, will not have much of an impact. Yet when that same effort is repeated again and again, the results can be truly magnificent.

Persistence has power. With persistence, soft drops of water can wear away the hardest stone. With persistence, a tiny seed can grow into an enormous tree. With persistence, what seems to be impossible can in fact be achieved.

With persistence, the setbacks and obstacles are overcome, one by one. With persistence, you will get where you intend to go.

Persistence does not require a massive effort or special resources or exotic skills. To benefit from the power of persistence, all you must do is keep on going.

Persistence is really quite simple, and available to anyone who decides to use it. Choose to put the power of persistence on your side, and you'll bring the very best of your dreams to life. Ralph Marston from The Daily Motivator with permission

Monday, January 24, 2005

Counting Down The Days!

Well, the count down is officially on for Mason and I. This whole military thing is so crazy. We are leaving for Washington (Tacoma) in two weeks and we are not even for sure Dave will be there. I have good reason to believe he will be but I think it is just one more maddening thing about the army that we can never know anything for sure. Keep in mind as you read this I have had the official crappy week that has carried over into the weekend. Mason and I have both been sick. He with the typical cold and ear ache and me with a crazy flu virus in my muscles. Maybe it is just the way it manifested but I have been achy and sleepy and crabby for almost a week! I guess Mace has had about enough of me and just let me have it today. He cried, screamed, fake cried and crabbed right back at me. EESH! When did I say Dave is coming home? He needs to come deal with HIS son! Laughing!

We are actually both better and very excited about our travels. I will keep you all posted and be sure to send pictures when we get back. Next weekend we will be in Alameda for the Kiwanis Chili cook off to see if Terry can pull off a 3rd strait First Place! Then it will be a mere 5 more days until we are off to see our man!

Lots of love to you all,

Monday, January 17, 2005

Under The Weather

Hi guys,

For those of you asking, Mason and I are both under the weather.....we will see you next week though! Lots of love!


Sunday, January 9, 2005

All Smiles!

Hello All!

It is a new week and quite the change for me, two big Fridays in a row (this last one and next Friday). I had a date last Friday with my wonderful neighbor Amy. We had dinner and saw a movie. It was quite an experience to have a real conversation with her with no kids, asking, talking, running, chasing, reaching, laughing, crying....well, you get the idea! We saw National Treasure. What a fun movie. Really Indiana Jones with a different subject matter, but a movie in the theater none the less! This coming Friday is Cher! Whoo-Hoo! For some of us, it is a good thing she can't say good bye!

Now, I hope you are sitting down.....Of course you are, you are at your computer....I have even bigger news than Cher! Can there be bigger news than Cher you ask.....Yes!

It seems to be confirmed that Dave has travel orders to leave Iraq on February 2, 2005! Yippee! He has to go to Kuwait for 3 days and then we believe he will be sent to Ft. Lewis, Washington. We do not know what will happen after that as far as time lines go, but we are both VERY excited! I guess I knew we would make it, it just seemed so far off, even during the holidays. I will keep you posted! (Dave, if I got any of this wrong, feel free to let us know)

This motivator is good. It is very representative of my journey while Dave has been gone. I hope you get something from it in light of the energy that always comes with a new year!

Lots of love,

A Reason To Get Going

When the road ahead is long, that is no reason to slow down. When there is much work to be done, that is no reason to be discouraged.
In fact, it is a reason to get going. It is a reason to get started as soon as possible.

For when there is much to be done, there is an abundance of positive opportunities. When the road ahead is long, there are countless ways for you to make a difference.

The greatest achievements come in response to the greatest challenges. The richest, most fulfilling journeys are the ones that seem impossibly long.

When there is much to be done, there is enormous value to be created. Those who step forward, those who make the effort, those who persist will be able to claim that value.

When the road is long, when the challenges are great, that is your chance to truly shine. For when you give it all you have, you end up with the best you can be.
Ralph Marston from The Daily Motivator with permission

Monday, January 3, 2005

New Year To All!

New Year to you all, Officially!

Actually, it is a very happy new year for me as I am feeling immense excitement at the realization of the short time we have left to wait for Dave's return home. Providing nothing goes terribly wrong with the Iraqi elections the end of this month, he should be back in the states by March. He sent me the most wonderful Christmas gift. He made a CD with a montage of pictures to music that was quite a 5 minute emotional journey. He also sent me a pillow case that he had been sleeping on. I had the best night of sleep that I have had since before Mason was born that first night with that pillow case.

So we have some things planned for when Dave gets home if we can pull them off. We will be going to Mexico and finally using the generous wedding gift we received but have been unable to use, and would like to go to Florida to see Dave's dad and Hotty Roddy. We are in the typical predicament of lots of time, and little cash. If anyone has (or knows someone who has) miles or vouchers they don't think they will be using any time soon and want to donate to a very worthy military family......I know, it's shameless but we are worthy! Laughing! After any travel we can enjoy, it will be a welcome back to the business of living our life. Real jobs, work around the house, playing with Mason, weekend jaunts, Poobah (June 10, 11 & 12), birthday celebrations, a bash for our anniversary in November and really putting the "Happy" and "Merry" back in place.

A very big Thank you to Mike for making a trip to Auburn to unclog my kitchen sink. To Eric for not only working on and attempting to repair my Durango, but for also loaning me his truck to get to work and trekking back and forth to the dealership to get mine in and out. And to Paul for many pizza shares, roof repairs (one really bad indoor down pour at 5:30 AM) and reminding me I need to get out with grown ups once in a while! You guys Rock!

So with all that, I have a few pics from Christmas. They are processed to a disc when I pick up my film so if they are big, I am sorry. I don't have software to resize them. I hope all of you can see them. Lots of love and I wish for you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

Welcome 2005!


Accepting disagreement

On a regular basis, you will likely disagree with others. Don't let that disagreement control your life.

When you are confident of your own path in life, you will not be threatened by differing opinions. Instead of fighting against others who disagree, allow those differing perspectives to strengthen your own.

There's no need to become defensive when your opinions are challenged. Instead, let the challenges help you to further refine and clarify your own thinking.

True success is not a matter of forcing others to adopt your viewpoint. True success comes from making your life a full, complete and valuable expression of your own unique point of view.

There will always be those who think differently than you do. Learn to see that as a blessing, and learn to appreciate its value.

When you gratefully, peacefully, and lovingly accept disagreement, it loses its power to control your life. And you can transform it into something positive that will truly enhance your world. Ralph Marston from The Daily Motivator with permission