Monday, June 28, 2004

MM June 28, 2004

Happy Birthday to Dave!

Dave's birthday was on Saturday and some of us did our part to celebrate his birthday and honor him! Mary, Keith, Diana, Lisa S., Sonya and Paul all joined me up in Reno to see Larry the Cable Guy. If you don't know who Larry is, rent Jeff Foxworthy's Blue Collar Comedy tour and sit back for some serious laughing! We actually got to meet Larry and he sent us home with a video greeting for Dave and his guys. Happy birthday Dave, next year we will really celebrate even if it means that you go to the Nascar race with Keith!

Sunday was a very leisurely day for Mason and me. We played on the floor, took a nap, visited with several "drop by" neighbors, had a little dinner, went for a margarita at Bob & Ivette's and came home for a bath (one for Mason, one for Riley, and one for me) and bedtime. I've not been feeling so good so the rest is good. As much rest as you can get with a nearly walking boy 24/7! Laughing!

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Mason and I will be in Clayton starting Saturday and then house sitting in Alameda through the 18th of July. I don't know what kind of e-mail access I am going to have so if there are no Motivators for a few weeks, just stay tuned for a duzie on the 19th or 20th! Love to you all and Happy 4th of July!

Lots of love,

Feel like it

Is there something you know you need to do, but you just don't feel like it? If so, you can either avoid it altogether or you can force yourself to do it even though it goes against your feelings.

But there's a much less stressful, much more elegant, effective way. You can simply change your feelings on the matter.

After all, they are your feelings and they're under your control. And a great way to take control of those feelings is by putting them into words. For example, I feel like waking up a half hour earlier tomorrow morning and taking a walk. Or, I feel like swimming fifty laps this afternoon.
It seems deceptively simple, yet it works.

You can change the way you feel just by saying so. Repeat it silently to yourself with enthusiasm, or say it out loud to yourself, or even better, to someone else. Then watch your actual feelings fall solidly and authentically in line.

If you don't feel like it, that's no problem because that's something you can easily change. Start saying you feel like it and before long, you will.

Used with permission by Ralph Marston

Monday, June 21, 2004

MM June 21, 2004

Happy Day after Fathers Day!

This holiday was not as difficult for me as Mothers Day was but we missed Dave very much. Mason, Terry and I along with Melissa and her daughter Emily went for brunch on the Spirit of Sacramento and then to Laurens for a visit. It was a really wonderful trip on the river and Mason had fun playing rough and tumble with Laurens boys. Dave called us and said it didn't feel like much since he has not had much Fathering experience. I want him to know that we are very proud of him and he may not realize it, but Mason will know where dad was and will be as proud or more of him that he served his country and is making this huge sacrifice. It may not be apparent to Mason until he has a family of his own, but that's OK, we'll wait.

Terry goes home today and through a few "living with family" bumps, she actually wants to come back! It really was a nice visit and on Saturday when I came home from a day away, I didn't recognize the house I walked into. I actually looked back outside and asked "Who lives here?" Not only what my house spotless, but she did lots of it all alone with Mason! Talk about making me look bad! Laughing! I think having had this kind of constant help for a few weeks has prepared me to keep the house up and get my head above water. Oh, did I mention that lots of the cleaning that got done resulted in HUGE piles in my office! I laughed and said, "I could have done that!" I am very sure that all of this will be followed up with many calls to Utah asking "Where is my.....?"

Take care and have a wonderful week. Be loving and kind. No matter what, that is always the best answer. Try to spend just one hour today practicing Higher Thinking and let me know how it makes you feel.

Love Kathy

Higher thinking

As you move through this day, make it a point to replace troubled thoughts with thoughts of peace. Replace thoughts of weakness with thoughts of strength.

Replace thoughts of limitation with thoughts of possibility. Replace thoughts of anger with thoughts of compassion.

Let go of any thoughts of frustration and helplessness. In their place, put thoughts of creativity and empowerment.

Gather your various and scattered thoughts together, and point them all in a positive, productive direction. You'll be amazed at the power that's yours when each thought is working to enhance the others.

Your thoughts determine what you decide to do with all that you have. And you determine what your thoughts will be.

So put them to work in a positive way, moment by moment, day by day. Make them all thoughts that serve you well.

Used with permission - Ralph Marston

Monday, June 14, 2004

MM June 14, 2004

Hello, hello, hello!

Here I sit feeling the sting from sunburned shoulders and smiling still. Yes, we are now recovering from our annual Grand Poobah weekend. It was a wonderful time. There was an odd sense of something not quite right all weekend with Dave not there but his call Saturday morning eased that a bit. I hope we never have to do another Poobah without Flower Dave!

This being the first Poobah without Dave since he came for the first time in 1996 (this would have been year 9 for him), ironically was Mason's first. He loved camping and at bedtime was a typical little boy. Crawling and climbing for the door to the tent so afraid he would miss something. The up side to his fighting sleep so hard was that when he finally did conk out, he was down for the night. Anyone with kid experience can take comfort in the fact that eventually, they sleep.

I was not lacking in helping hands with Mason this week and the great thing about this is I was feeling so lucky to have the help, Mason was feeling lucky to be played with all day and all the loving hands were feeling lucky to have Mason to play with! Talk about win, win win! There was one downside to all this see, Mason has teeth, lots of teeth. When a baby has teeth people think he should be eating real grown up food. Well it is all fun and games and funny faces until mommy gets him home and has to deal with VERY hard (and hard to pass) poops! Mason was not a very happy camper last night and a little into this morning. Thank goodness for Little Tummy's infant laxative!

So now it is time to get serious about taking care of business on the home front before Terri has to go home. Scrapbooks need doing, house needs cleaning, Packages need mailing, bills need paying, office needs organizing, Mason's clothes need sorting, and the list just keep going! First things first, I have to go get Mr. Riley! He is anxious to come home and Mason is as anxious to see him! Love to you all and I hope you enjoy this motivator!

Love Kathy

There are those T
here are those who say it can't be done, and are content to leave it at that. And then there are those who find a way.

There are those who see every setback as an excuse to give up. And then there are those who find the courage, the will, the commitment to persevere.

There are those who back away from challenge, and complain when it finds them anyway. And then there are those who eagerly welcome each opportunity to move the world forward.

There are those who prefer to do what is easy, comfortable and convenient. And then there are those who do what is best, what is right, as difficult as it may be.

There are those who bounce and skim along the noisy, confusing surface of life. And then there are those who dive deeply in, to where meaning, purpose, vision and truth are clear and unmistakable.

How fortunate we are that there are those who live like they mean it. How fortunate we are that we can too.

Used with permission - Ralph Marston

Monday, June 7, 2004

MM June 7, 2004

It is finally here, Poobah week! I am excited to go camping but it is a bitter sweet excitement. This will be the first Poobah in 9 years that Dave is missing. On the upside (you all know I have to see the upside too!), this is the first Poobah in 17 years that my sister will be attending. She got here yesterday and we kicked off her visit with dinner on the river at Crawdads. It was beautiful, boats, the water, suntanned bodies, the smell of suntan lotion.....really nice! So now it is work, work, work for me. I have a list a mile long of things I want to get done before she goes home in two weeks and it is highly unlikely it will all happen. I'll let you know on the Monday following her departure.

Back to missing Dave. He is doing well though he doesn't like the heat and today he called and said it was 115 degrees. I can only imagine what the numbers will top out at before August. We estimate that when he comes home he will be sporting a lovely fisherman knit cardigan all the way through 90 degree weather! He enjoys getting mail more than anything along with all the guys so if anyone is so inclined to pen an message or better yet, tackle the scenario that is the post office and customs forms, packages are the prize winning smile makers! If you are so inclined, let me know and will give you some ideas about good things to send.

OK, it's time to get to work. Take care and have a wonderful week. I am feeling the love already being able to write this message knowing Mason is completely taken care of! I got a little taste of these two weeks last Thursday when Dahlynn came over just to play with Mason all day so I could run errands and do my laundry.....all the way through, wash, dry, fold AND put away! Thank you so, so much! Love to you all! Have a "Feel Good" week and I'll check back in with a full Poobah report next week.

Love Kathy

Feeling good
It feels good to feel good, about yourself, about your world, about those around you. And feeling good, as simple as it sounds, can be a truly powerful and positive force.

Genuinely feeling good is more than just empty pleasure. It comes when you have the confidence and courage to be who you are, to live what you believe, with purpose, with meaning, with integrity.

In an attempt to appear sophisticated, some folks think they must be constantly critical, judgmental, and pessimistic. Yet true sophistication is the ability to bring out the best in yourself and in those around you, even though the challenges may be great.

In order to be your best, it helps tremendously when you can feel your best. Feeling good about what you're doing will greatly enhance your commitment and your ability to see it through.

Feeling good is not a matter of ignoring the negative realities. It's a matter of overpowering those difficult challenges with a positive, purposeful spirit.

Go ahead and feel good. The world eagerly welcomes all the goodness you can give it.

Used with permission of Ralph Marston

Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Chicken Soup

Late again! Well, just a little since Monday was a holiday.....

It has been busy, busy, busy! The weekend was jam packed with all kinds of excitement. Dahlynn and Kens kick off book signing was on Saturday and it was a huge success. This book is doing so well (and they are doing so well promoting it) that they have achieved Chicken Soup history with the offer of a 3 book deal! Yes, there was some celebrating at the McKowen household, and for those of you who were there at the kick-off event, we had some fun, didn't we!?!

As such, they need to get some A+++ stories immediately for the three new titles: Cowboy Soul, Sisters and Brothers Soul, and Menopausal Soul. That's right, menopause. Seems crazy, but whenever Dahlynn talks about the title with women, it goes over well. Got the nod from Chicken Soup today to approach Oprah Winfrey to see if she wants to be the fourth co-author (Jack, Mark, Oprah and Dahlynn -- Ken won't be on this title). Actually, Oprah talked with Jack about the title a few years back, so now they've instructed Dahlynn to get her to sign on!

So, wish them luck on doing three books in two years, and send them some stories! They would love to have you become a Chicken Soup for the Soul contributor! You can reach them through

After such a exciting, fun filled day, Mason and I rounded out our weekend with a visit to the Galleria mall where Lisa Sulik met us and spent a couple of hours with Mr. Mason so I could get a manicure and pedicure! Talk about pampering.

Next stop on Monday was the white peach tree at Julies in Lodi. That was a really nice visit and made for good breakfast on Tuesday! So, today we were up early and on the road again. This time to Reno. I had an audition for a Peppermill commercial and took the opportunity to spend the afternoon and evening with Gayle, Lyndsey and Megan. Mason loved playing with the girls or is it more like, the girls loved playing with Mason! Needless to say, fun was had by all! AND, after more than 24 months out of the biz, I aced my audition. Who cares if I'm what they are looking for, one thing is for sure, this casting agent IS impressed with my professionalism and skill in an on camera audition! YES! So, off to wash dishes, put a load of laundry in, feed the dog and wash my face. It will then be about time to feed and change Mason one more time before we all retire for the evening. Love to you all and have a great remainder of the week! I love this simply can't be argued.

4 more days to Terry!


What you choose

You are the sum total of the choices you have made. So who do you choose to be?

Experience will show which choices work for you, and which ones work against you. So how are you making use of your own special experience?

Success and achievement do not come as the result of blind luck or random chance. They are built on choices. The choices that matter are not just the big ones, but also the little, seemingly insignificant ones. For there are lots of little choices to be made, and their consequences can add up quickly.

Every choice will take you in a specific direction. So where exactly do you want to go? Every moment is a choice, and every choice will make itself felt in your life and in your world. So what kind of life do you choose, this day, this moment, to live? Ralph Marston with permission