Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Fun With Mason!

Happy Tuesday!

I'm late, I know. There was a time when I would have stayed up until 2 AM, writing anything that would fill this space other than post a day late. Am I maturing? Laughing! Who knows, but I do know that you would rather hear something entertaining, than read just any old thing. As it turns out, it's a good thing I waited because Mason was cracking me up this morning.

We spent the weekend in the bay area and had a ball! We went to the Park Street Art & Wine Faire on Saturday. It was fun to see Bettie, Tracy & Rob and their two babies, and David and Lisa put us up in their lovely guest room. We enjoyed a bottle of wine on the deck looking out at the beautiful Alameda bay, had my favorite Chilean sea bass from Kamakura, and we went to the movies at the gorgeous Alameda theatre. WOW! Talk about an experience that makes you want to stop and take it all in, this theatre is gorgeous! On Sunday, we drove to San Jose to see Dave's mom and sister's family. We went to a local park with great play grounds, a train, and a carousel. We had lunch in the park and had a lovely visit!

Monday snuck up on me and I hit the ground running. Before I knew it, the day was gone. So here I am writing to you on Tuesday but you're in luck because Mason is playing in the living room. He is playing with his imaginary friends Johnny Test and Johnny X. The two Johnny's are apparently picking on him because he is in the living room laughing and asking them to stop giving him a wedgie. Oh, you know it's coming, he's pulling his own underpants up his butt, pretending that they are doing this "to" him....and, yes, I took a picture! Laughing!

Here's my challenge to you this week; Can you have this much fun by yourself? Do you have imaginary counsel that you can talk to about what you want, what you could do, or just share your happy thoughts with? If not, maybe you can think about who you would put in your mind to have on your team. I have Napoleon Hill, Oprah, Jack Canfield, and more on my team in my mind. I ask my question and imagine what any one of my team would advise me to do. It really creates a different line of thinking when you are looking for clarity or answers. Let me know what you think of this idea! Have a great week and make something special happen!

Mason Being Picked On....

Mason getting a wedgie from his imaginary pals!
Enjoying the Art & Wine Faire
This is the first time Mason made it to the top of the rock wall!
The gorgeous view from the Anderson's deck!

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Faster I Go, The Behinder I Get!

How far behind do you have to get before you decide to quit? Behind in what you may be wondering, to which my answer would be, "Anything that's important." I'm currently behind in filing my monthly paid bills, my monthly newsletter, Mason's cookbook, my exercise program, and several other pressing projects. When I start to feel this way it makes me just want to throw my hands in the air and start new at the beginning of something completely different. The reality is, no matter what I'm doing, if I'm not staying committed to the timeline, I'll fall behind again!

As a family, we're doing more trying to make the most of the long summer days, but yesterday, Mason and I scheduled nothing. Not a single thing on the calendar, Mason watched SpongeBob and I talked on the phone with my girlfriends...not all of them, but a few that I haven't spoken with in more than a month. Yet again, I've fallen behind on keeping my relationships current!

In years past, I've felt a strong sense of balance, like I was doing enough outside and spending my fair share of time at home. Of course, there have also been the times that balance was way out of whack! The out of whack side is rearing it's ugly head this month. I've been working to gain more consulting clients, looking for a regular paying job, along with any other way I can earn a living. Our glove business is moving along with Thursdays delivery of our first shipment of retail ready gloves! We have a trade show to get ready for in September and Mason starts kindergarten on August 19th, just about a month away. Our life is surely no different than every other working family, but some days, it just all seems so overwhelming. It's hard to feel like you're succeeding with anything when you reach a point of completion, all you can focus on is all you still have left to do! I know you know what I mean.

We're not quitters and we will keep persevering no matter how hard it gets. Are you finding that your lists are longer and your check-marks fewer? Do you have any tricks or tips for coping when it seems like there is so much more to do than you can ever accomplish? Please, do tell!

Have a great week. My motivator for today is this: Take some time each day this week to tell someone something about you or your situation that will reveal to them that they are not struggling in this economy alone. Though we all logically know we're not alone, it sure feels good to have the ones we love share that they are coping in some area of their life as well. You can start with me if you want!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy As A 5 Year Old.

Happy Monday Friends!

While on vacation, I made note of something that I may not recognize while at home. The simple things that make a 5 year old happy and how they express their joy. There are some obvious things like a Popsicle, staying up 15 minutes later than bedtime, or a handful of M&Ms.

What I noticed while on vacation was that Mason took advantage of all the amenities that we came across. Like what amenities you may be taking a drink from a water fountain on the sidewalk, or stopping to look at the new design on a soda can. Really! We don't drink soda, but Mason noticed the new designs on a soda vending machine.

There was the daily ritual of anticipating being able to put the card key in the slot and open the door at precisely the right moment to let us into our condo and then again at the pool gate. Getting close to the pool and hearing kids laughing and splashing, Mason lit up and said, "I hear fun!" Can you be that happy while hearing other's joy and knowing you will be a part of it? Mason was and did! He went right over to the vacationing children, jumped in the pool and introduced himself. "Hi, I'm M-A-S-O-N. Do you know what that spells? Mason."

On the one day we planned to stay in, Mason came out of the bathroom and said, "Hey guys. What are we gonna do today? Maybe we can know, in some town, a little look, a little see. Wouldn't that be fun?" All while smiling his crooked little smile nodding his head. How do you say no to that?

The resort had a playground and Mason made it a point to get out of the pool and go play at least one time before we left, "Because it's a play ground and that's what kids do, they play." He said. Dave took Mason to the arcade where he played each game and it seemed that was enough to check off his list of resort amenities. Of course, you all know Mason and know that being on vacation is not the same without a bath in a bath tub! Yes, we have two bath tubs at home, but there's something about a hotel bath tub that has a special quality. I think it's that it's clean!

Here's my question for you; What do you have right under your nose, everyday, that you can take advantage of and really be joyous about? Can you be as happy as a 5 year old?

I have many things, but first and foremost is the keen eye and wonderfully simple sense of humor of my sweet Mason. He is far more my teacher than any educator I've ever had!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pictures From Sonoma

Our second taste of the trip, Rosenblum in Healdsburg.
We started at Toad Hollow!
Mason and Dave with the bear!
Dinner with Joe at Bear Republic Brewery in Healdsburg, CA
Ladies, if wearing a two-piece, get the shot while in the water!
We all enjoyed the hot tub and pools!
Dave creating his vision for The FAT Bee wine. Stay tuned!
Does this not scream "Americana?"
Pretty places to shop, even just window shopping was fun!
Having Mason with us was really a lot of fun!
I loved this pretty place. Driving along and, BAM! Gorgeous!
And more pretty places to see!
All was well until...."No you may not have a balloon."
The "Yes I am grateful!" meltdown. Video to come!
It's a new day. Feeling Strong.
Train Town in Sonoma, CA
Vacation's over.

Monday, July 6, 2009

On Vacation In Windsor, CA

Happy Monday Friends!

We have been in lovely Windsor, CA since last Wednesday. We are heading home tomorrow, but plan to make the most of our last day and a half. Julie booked her timeshare and planned to be here with us, but as life does sometimes, sidelined her and she couldn't come. Thank you Jules for your generosity and allowing us to use your vacation week!

We've really had a good time. The pools on the property are all beautiful and clean, and every unit has a nice patio set-up with a barbecue. It's impossible to vacation for little money, but I've gotten pretty good at seeking out the deals and ways to pinch pennies while not putting a crimp on the vacation all together.

On Friday we went wine tasting. We participated in a Zin-dependence Festival that took us to four wineries for Zinfandel tasting with food pairings. All four wineries opened their tasting rooms so we were allowed to taste their other wines as well, for free. We have Mason with us so you may all be wondering how we went wine tasting with a child. Here's what we did. The wristband for the day was $20 per each adult and $10 for kids and designated drivers. We planned ahead and popped into a local candy store to buy a half dozen unique candies for Mason. Most of them were a candy/toy combination. Once we arrived at each winery, we gave Mason a "new" candy to taste and with it came a novel toy to play with. He was very happy and with happy usually comes well behaved. Several of the winery staff commented on what a good idea we had. It's also important to note that while tasting wine and driving yourself, we only drank the tastes we loved, and if we didn't love it, we dumped it! We also drank lots of water at each stop. This meant less consumption and a safe & happy time was had by all!

We have so many funny stories, but for today let's stop here. I'll post more pictures later today, so check back. I hope you all had a wonderful July 4th holiday and I would love to hear about it! Post a comment here or e-mail me. Let's catch up!