Monday, June 25, 2018

Happy Birthday Flower Dave!

Happy Birthday Flower Dave! I consider it a privilege to get to spend another birthday with you and I hope to spend 40 more together! XOXO

There was a time in my younger years that I needed to voice my opinions about every little thing and be heard. Not so much today. Frankly, I don't need the stress of an argument, and the bottom line is, I don't care if you agree with me or not. I love you, or I don't. I like you, or I don't. I just want to tell the people that I love that I think they are amazing, help them achieve their dreams and goals, and spend time on the lake or lying under the stars with Dave and Mason and out dogs. 

Let's laugh, play a game, or share a meal. Let's just be happy today, who knows if we have tomorrow. And with that said, Mason and I just played Foodie Fight, it's a food related trivia game that is really fun, I kicked Mason's butt although I was impressed by how much he knew. 

Monday, June 18, 2018

What Are You Really Saying?

"I have been preaching to Mason his entire life about the fact that you can not unsay things, you can not unring a bell. You may have the opportunity to say you are sorry, but you still said it. Today an awesome experience in my life is forever marred by the insensitive ego of another. Someone who feels they are more important than the feelings of another. To work SO hard to move someone else's project and dream forward only to be dismissed by a look of utter disgust and finger pointing with negative head-shaking gestures to emphasize that I was the reason for such a pointed upset. I can say this for sure, I will be way more cautious with my reactions and non-verbal communications from this point forward, especially with Mason. I will try to respond, not react, and ask questions before I assume I know the whole story. I don't ever want to be responsible for hurting another like I was hurt today." June 15, 2018 

This was written after an incident on a movie set where I was working in casting and the producer scolded me for facilitating a photo with the lead actor and his young co-star. He would likely defend his actions by noting that I knew better than to ask a principal talent for a photo with someone on set especially since we had all been told that this was not allowed. The fact of the matter was that the young girl was also principal talent and the lead actor had offered the photo. All of that combined with that there was virtually no one else around us until the producer walked up while the photo was being taken by the young girl's mother, he had just enough time to spew his non-verbal vitriol all over me and let me just say, make me feel like he I had murdered his only child in cold blood. Really, it was a moment that my blood ran cold and I could not keep my emotions together. I felt as though my life moved into slow motion mode, his actions were amplified while moving in half speed, and I could not breathe. Did this moment elicit this reaction because I was doing something I knew was wrong? Was his intent to scold me so strong that it hit me like a semi truck? I don't know the answer all the way, but I know I could not hold it together, I cried all day so Sally sent me home. I cried all night at home, I could not stop thinking about how I let Sally down (Sally is my boss at the casting agency), and how I didn't want to ever come face to face with producer dude again. Before that could happen, Sally tried to smooth things over with a phone call, I would not have agreed to a phone call but I didn't have a choice, Sally patched us all together before I could say anything. 

As I sit here typing, I feel futile, it seems people like this guy simply don't get it. He has no people skills, he really doesn't care about me, so why would he care how I feel? He didn't apologize and when I saw him on set the next time, he put it on me, "Are you over all this nonsense?" The bottom line is that I won't work for or with him again. I know that the depth of the hurt from his incident had something to do with me because this knucklehead could not have hurt me like this if it were only about him. I know I try to please people, I work really hard to do a good job, follow the rules, and provide services above and beyond what is expected of me. When I don't succeed in doing that, I am disappointed in myself. I stand by what I wrote that day, I will work hard to respond to people, not react. I will ask questions before I assume I know the whole story. I don't want to be responsible for hurting another like HB hurt me on 6/15/18.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Look Out World! We Have A High Schooler!

Dave and I are really proud of Mason. He let things slip toward the end of the school year and found himself having to really hustle to be able to promote with his friends from middle school to high school. He had 18 days to raise some seriously low grades. Keep in mind, they were only low because he wasn’t doing some of the work and some of the work he did and didn't turn in to his teachers for credit! Who does that? I cannot process the ides of it, to me it's like showing up at work and not collecting one's paycheck. We made an appointment with the school principal and reviewed his situation and she assured him if he met with his teachers and buckled down and did the work he could make it happen. I'm very proud to say he did it! He worked really hard, he worked with his teachers, he spent lunches making up runs in PE and math assignments he missed, he did some extra activities and he promoted today. I can’t believe we have a high-schooler. LOL! Next up, drivers education!

Mason's last day of school celebration is wakeboarding with his friends. Do you think they had fun? Here comes summer!

Monday, June 4, 2018

It's Not Always What You Hear, It's How You Hear It

My longtime friend Joel said something I know, something I live every day, but he said it differently. I frequently say, "When you blame others you give away your power. When you take responsibility, you have the power to make changes and move forward." Joel said, "That empowers me to take responsibility." I LOVE the way it feels to say, that empowers me, versus I give my power away. I'm posting that on the fridge, Mason's bathroom mirror, my bathroom mirror, my monitor...#BOOM Follow his page, The Language of Agreement on Facebook and be inspired.
This lends itself to the discussion Jen and I have about content, be it a book, a blog post, a podcast, or just information we come across in our friend's social media feeds. We have discussed that there really isn't new information, but there are people who have not discovered old information and like me earlier this week, those of us who hear something we know, but we receive it in a fresh new way because someone new is delivering it. Of course, the obvious example of people being able to hear or receive information is that between parents and children, especially teens! My teen decides if he will tune in and listen to me before I finish saying 5 words. I've learned that if I really need him to hear something or have important information, I ask someone he respects to talk with him. One of my favorite examples is when I have a conversation with my husband and I present him with an idea, let's say something to do with landscaping the backyard. He will yeah-yeah me and then go on to talk about something else. Fast forward to the next day or two and he will present my idea to me like it's his original idea!! WHAT?! I have to laugh, but when he does that I give him "the" look. My eyes get really big and my eyebrows go really high on my forehead and he immediately says,"What?" Is this a thing with other married couples or just us?

Do tell, I want to know about your experiences of times when you got an old message in a new way. Have a great week