Monday, April 8, 2013

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Happy Monday!
It's definitely a happy Monday for us Partaks having finally made it home from Hawaii. Now, before you say it, I know, "There are worse places to be stranded than Hawaii." Yes, that's true, but next time you dream of being stranded on a tropical island, make sure all your work is caught up, you don't have classes to attend (still working on an honors graduation in a few weeks), and that you have more cash than you need at the ready. If all that is in place, great, get stuck! I explained much about what we learned about flying space-a so I won't go into that again, but let me tell you what an adventure our flight home was, we got to fly on a C-17! My military peeps totally know what I'm talking about and for those of you who don't I've attached a few photos. It was totally cool, Mason got to go in the cockpit and talk to the pilots while we were in flight, we were all allowed to make ourselves comfortable with blankets and pillows on the floor, and we were even served an in-flight meal! Okay, it was a not-very-good sandwich, a piece of fruit, snacks, and a bottle of water, but it was something. Mason said it was the best flight ever and it completely reaffirmed my desire to downsize my life of "things" and travel more with my family. I also want to give Mason some major kudos for being such a great traveler. We had quite a few trips (fully packed, ready to go) to the terminal only to have to find somewhere to stay and unpack again. He totally went with the flow, was happy when we got a few extra days, cooked for us when we had a kitchen, and was increasingly appalled (in a funny way) when a restaurant server gave him a kid menu with crayons!
I don't know if I mentioned here that Mason is working on raising money to update his school's kitchen. The school kitchen does not have a stove or oven and Mason wants to be able to have culinary classes offered at his school. Two local chefs have offered to provide the curriculum for these classes and that has made Mason even more determined to make this happen. There are a couple of things planned right now including a community Pampered Chef party with all proceeds going to the kitchen - if you have been putting off a purchase, I'll let you know where you can go on line to get what you want while helping a great cause. A local restaurant owner has offered to allow Mason to create a dinner menu and his staff will prepare and serve it on a Monday (the day they are usually closed) and Mason can sell tickets for this charity dinner - how cool is that? There are a few more things in the works but another one is that Ellen has a call to viewers to let her know if their school needs a hand. I wrote to her and Mason did this video on his You-Tube page - please take a look and share it with all your family and friends. If you have media connections, it would be awesome if you would share it with them, too. The more attention he can get with his plight, the more likely he will be able to make this happen. Here's the link to his video: 
April showers are falling and prepping us for lots more May flowers! It has been a really pretty spring already, I am loving the colors and fragrances of everything that is in bloom. Would love to hear from you with what's new in your neck of the woods! Sending lots of love and laughter!

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