Monday, February 5, 2018

Crazy Bay Area Real Estate Market

I'm working the real estate deal of my life and it's been a total blast! I'm so grateful for my broker who lets me be me, my clients who trust me, and my family who find joy in that I love what I do. I earn my paycheck and love what I do, how can it get better? Oh, to hear our four favorite words that are coming very soon, "We Are On Record.”

With that said, the RE market in San Jose is like another planet! Seriously, I've been put on notice that I will be at the house to show it to another agents buyer, I've been told that it would be "vry-vry bad" if I don't sell to a family that needs this house, if I don't let someone in the only time they can go, I won't sell the house at all, and finally, how dare I accept a preemptive offer before every one gets a chance to see/show the house. I'm seriously laughing at the texts and voice mails that are coming in - 29 in the last 48 hours - and some of those have left multiple messages - one caller left 7 voice mails in the span of one hour ( 5:15, 5:16, 5:22, 5:25, 5:33, 5:48, 6:15).

And then there was this conversation…

SJ Agent - Any update on my offer?
Me - the sound of the start of a reply…
SJ Agent - Please help me get this house my buyers love it and guarantee to close, guarantee or I buy your house.
Me - the sound of the start of a reply…
SJ Agent - If there is anything you want me to adjust, anything, we can do that to get this house.
Me - (quickly) No, that would not be fair to the buyer the seller selected. I know you would not like that to happen to your buyer. Would you like to be our back up offer?
SJ Agent - Okay, just confirm it now.
Me - the sound of the start of a reply…
SJ Agent - My offer was best at 3:33 pm and offers were due at 3:00. Why you don't tell me I was outbid?
Me - You weren't outbid, and offers were due at 3:00 PM, not 3:33 PM.
SJ Agent - What? How? 
My phone blows up, 3 or 4 calls back to back. I answer and he can not believe that it is possible to accept an offer that is not all about the money. Again, he wants to know what he can do to get the house. 
Me - wait and see, if it comes to needing a back up, you can up your offer. You do realize this is not my house, it is not my decision. LOL! Crazy bay area market.

I’ll let you know when this closes - at this point we are listed at $690,000 and offers are coming in well above $700,000!

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