Monday, October 27, 2003

MM 10/27/2003

Good morning!

I'm back and slowly getting back to feeling like me. I am not sure who I felt like the last week, but I like the everyday me better.

There is so much to say and talk about, that I cannot possibly cover it all and keep you interested, so let me just cover what I think is important. Mason is doing great and Dave has officially been nominated for the Husband/Daddy of all time award. If this last week is any indication of the kind of man Dave is going to be for me and our family in the years to come, I
have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams! Cooking, cleaning house (shampooing carpets, washing floors, laundry), yard work, shopping, errands, writing the Monday Motivator in my absence, middle of the night feedings, diaper changing, dressing changes to my back, making Riley feel like he is still #1, the list just goes on and on.

We are really lucky, Mason is such a good baby. He wakes twice through the night with just little
whimpers of a cry to be fed and changed and goes right back to sleep. He stayed up for almost 6 hours yesterday during the day which was really nice. Aunt Mary and Uncle Keith came over and Grandma Partak has been here since Friday. So, all in all, things are very good. Now I just need to recover from giving birth, a C-section and this major burn on my back!

Thank God he is a good baby, with all this other nonsense, I don't know if I would make it! Laughing!

I have read all the e-mails and just not been up to taking the time to reply to each of you. Thank you for your warm thoughts and wishes, it makes all the difference in the world knowing we have such a strong support system in our family and friends!

I hope all is well with you and even though my replies are not so good, I love to hear from you! This Motivator is so fitting. I hope you can find the magic in your life today! We call ours Mason.

Lots of love!


Magic in every moment

Electrons dance in front of your eyes and you call it color. Waves of air sweep over you and you call it music. The massive sphere on which you dwell rotates a few degrees and you call it sunset. There is magic in every moment. Behind even the most mundane occurrence is an entire universe of abundant wonder.

If you could sense every detail of something as simple as the falling of a raindrop, it would completely overwhelm you. And yet raindrops fall all the time.

In every action, no matter how seemingly insignificant, there is a whole universe of power.

In every moment there are infinite ways in which to make a very real difference. You are always streaming full speed through an abundance of options & possibilities.

See the possibilities. Feel the power. Make your own special magic today.
Ralph Marston from The Daily Motivator
with permission

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