Monday, November 17, 2003

MM 11/17/2003

Welcome to a rainy, Fall Monday.

Of all the things it seems we can be certain of, it is that a new day will dawn. No matter what life brings you, joy, sorrow, hope, sadness, a new day comes and somehow puts a damper on over excitement, and a calm on grief. This morning I woke up (the real time, when it was time to actually get out of bed.... not the 2 AM, 3:55 AM or the 5:30 AM) and felt exhausted from the emotional drain of the weekend, lack of sleep, and the mere sadness of seeing Dave off to war on Saturday. With sore, crying eyes, I still have to smile that Riley wants to play, Inca seems more cuddly than ever, and Mason is happy just to have his most basic needs met. My favorite of those is the cuddles and kisses.

So today is back to real life, paying bills, grocery shopping, trying to put order in the house after being away for 4 days, all the while dealing with animals, the baby and an attempt to get some sleep.

Some good news, Dave will be able to be home for 2 days for Thanksgiving and it looks like he may have some leave over the Christmas Holiday as well. It seems they are not scheduled to ship off to Iraq until sometime in Feb. 04 so with all my might, my intention is strong enough, he will never see Iraqi soil. He will be disqualified for some minor health issue and sent home to us and all the mundane things that make up our life together. I'll keep you posted!

This is the perfect Motivator for me today, I hope you find some value too!

Lots of love


Face the day

Relax. Whatever anxiety you may have about the day ahead, let it go. You will get through this day. There will be joys and there will be difficulties. There will be pleasures and there will be challenges.

Take each moment as it comes. The energy you devote to worry and anxiety will serve no purpose, will bring you no benefits, and will probably make your situation worse. Let go of your worries and free yourself to live. Put your effort and energy where they can make a positive difference.

You can handle whatever comes along. You've made it this far and you'll do it again. Step back from yourself and look objectively at your situation. See yourself living the true adventure of life, with all its ups and downs. Consider how fortunate you are to have such an opportunity.

Today won't be perfect. Yet you have what it takes to make it great. Live it with all you can be.
Ralph Marston from The Daily Motivator
with permission

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