Monday, May 3, 2004

MM May 3,2004

Hi Guys,

I don't have my usual leisure time today/night to write so this will be brief. It has been a productive week with Operation New Release. We mailed off 6 boxes on Saturday and another 3 today. I am planning to get the final count of the big donation from Tower's distribution center and hopefully collect the 600 lbs of coffee this week. Thank you to all of you who have helped out. Several of you were VERY generous and I want you to know that the smiles on all these soldiers faces are because of all of our combined effort. We still have a long way to go, but I am confident we will generate what we need. Flower, feel free to do a reply all and tell everyone what this means from your perspective. I don't normally have all of your names in the "to" line, but this way Dave can "reply all" and share.

Other big news is that Mason is officially moving to his big, front facing car seat tomorrow. He is 20 lbs and too big for his "baby" car seat! I will e-mail some pictures next Monday. Okay, I have to go get Mason ready for bed. When you are 20 lbs, you don't go to bed so early like babies stay up until at least 7:45! Love to all of you!

This motivator is an accurate description of how I feel when I work on things like Operation New Release. Also, when I was a member of Alameda Rotary. Get involved with something that appears to have nothing in it for you and you will find that it fills you up!


Alive with enthusiasm

What would it take to get you bubbling with enthusiasm about this day? What would it take to make you positively excited about all the possibilities available to you?

Think about it, and as you do, those thoughts will give birth to a very real and undeniable enthusiasm within you. Enthusiasm lives and grows and makes its presence felt in your mind, so by all means welcome it to come in and let it stay.

What happens when you have real excitement and enthusiasm for who you are, for what you're doing, for the positive possibilities in life? You find a way to enthusiastically make the best of those possibilities real.

Start by putting a great big, sincere smile on your face. That will do amazing things to your level of enthusiasm. Sure it sounds simple and silly, but there's one important thing to remember. It works.

Get up, get excited, get enthusiastic about this day, about your life, about the possibilities. And you'll soon have plenty of undeniable reasons to be truly excited.

Used with permission of Ralph Marston

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