Monday, June 21, 2004

MM June 21, 2004

Happy Day after Fathers Day!

This holiday was not as difficult for me as Mothers Day was but we missed Dave very much. Mason, Terry and I along with Melissa and her daughter Emily went for brunch on the Spirit of Sacramento and then to Laurens for a visit. It was a really wonderful trip on the river and Mason had fun playing rough and tumble with Laurens boys. Dave called us and said it didn't feel like much since he has not had much Fathering experience. I want him to know that we are very proud of him and he may not realize it, but Mason will know where dad was and will be as proud or more of him that he served his country and is making this huge sacrifice. It may not be apparent to Mason until he has a family of his own, but that's OK, we'll wait.

Terry goes home today and through a few "living with family" bumps, she actually wants to come back! It really was a nice visit and on Saturday when I came home from a day away, I didn't recognize the house I walked into. I actually looked back outside and asked "Who lives here?" Not only what my house spotless, but she did lots of it all alone with Mason! Talk about making me look bad! Laughing! I think having had this kind of constant help for a few weeks has prepared me to keep the house up and get my head above water. Oh, did I mention that lots of the cleaning that got done resulted in HUGE piles in my office! I laughed and said, "I could have done that!" I am very sure that all of this will be followed up with many calls to Utah asking "Where is my.....?"

Take care and have a wonderful week. Be loving and kind. No matter what, that is always the best answer. Try to spend just one hour today practicing Higher Thinking and let me know how it makes you feel.

Love Kathy

Higher thinking

As you move through this day, make it a point to replace troubled thoughts with thoughts of peace. Replace thoughts of weakness with thoughts of strength.

Replace thoughts of limitation with thoughts of possibility. Replace thoughts of anger with thoughts of compassion.

Let go of any thoughts of frustration and helplessness. In their place, put thoughts of creativity and empowerment.

Gather your various and scattered thoughts together, and point them all in a positive, productive direction. You'll be amazed at the power that's yours when each thought is working to enhance the others.

Your thoughts determine what you decide to do with all that you have. And you determine what your thoughts will be.

So put them to work in a positive way, moment by moment, day by day. Make them all thoughts that serve you well.

Used with permission - Ralph Marston

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