Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Chicken Soup

Late again! Well, just a little since Monday was a holiday.....

It has been busy, busy, busy! The weekend was jam packed with all kinds of excitement. Dahlynn and Kens kick off book signing was on Saturday and it was a huge success. This book is doing so well (and they are doing so well promoting it) that they have achieved Chicken Soup history with the offer of a 3 book deal! Yes, there was some celebrating at the McKowen household, and for those of you who were there at the kick-off event, we had some fun, didn't we!?!

As such, they need to get some A+++ stories immediately for the three new titles: Cowboy Soul, Sisters and Brothers Soul, and Menopausal Soul. That's right, menopause. Seems crazy, but whenever Dahlynn talks about the title with women, it goes over well. Got the nod from Chicken Soup today to approach Oprah Winfrey to see if she wants to be the fourth co-author (Jack, Mark, Oprah and Dahlynn -- Ken won't be on this title). Actually, Oprah talked with Jack about the title a few years back, so now they've instructed Dahlynn to get her to sign on!

So, wish them luck on doing three books in two years, and send them some stories! They would love to have you become a Chicken Soup for the Soul contributor! You can reach them through

After such a exciting, fun filled day, Mason and I rounded out our weekend with a visit to the Galleria mall where Lisa Sulik met us and spent a couple of hours with Mr. Mason so I could get a manicure and pedicure! Talk about pampering.

Next stop on Monday was the white peach tree at Julies in Lodi. That was a really nice visit and made for good breakfast on Tuesday! So, today we were up early and on the road again. This time to Reno. I had an audition for a Peppermill commercial and took the opportunity to spend the afternoon and evening with Gayle, Lyndsey and Megan. Mason loved playing with the girls or is it more like, the girls loved playing with Mason! Needless to say, fun was had by all! AND, after more than 24 months out of the biz, I aced my audition. Who cares if I'm what they are looking for, one thing is for sure, this casting agent IS impressed with my professionalism and skill in an on camera audition! YES! So, off to wash dishes, put a load of laundry in, feed the dog and wash my face. It will then be about time to feed and change Mason one more time before we all retire for the evening. Love to you all and have a great remainder of the week! I love this simply can't be argued.

4 more days to Terry!


What you choose

You are the sum total of the choices you have made. So who do you choose to be?

Experience will show which choices work for you, and which ones work against you. So how are you making use of your own special experience?

Success and achievement do not come as the result of blind luck or random chance. They are built on choices. The choices that matter are not just the big ones, but also the little, seemingly insignificant ones. For there are lots of little choices to be made, and their consequences can add up quickly.

Every choice will take you in a specific direction. So where exactly do you want to go? Every moment is a choice, and every choice will make itself felt in your life and in your world. So what kind of life do you choose, this day, this moment, to live? Ralph Marston with permission

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