Friday, December 19, 2008

A Merry Christmas Laugh!

Earlier this week Mason and I were out delivering the apple butter I made for Christmas gifts to our neighbors. As we went door-to-door, Mason would answer the usual questions about what he wanted for Christmas and has been a good boy. Like his mother, he has no trouble getting right in the conversation contributing what he feels are important and sometimes funny pieces of information.

We arrived at the Dawson's house and were greeted by Cheryl and her friend who was visiting. We exchanged holiday well wishes, talked about homemade gifts, and just then Mason said, "Um, excuse me." We all looked at him and he started his story with, "Today I went pee..." Now I thought for sure I knew where this was going because as we were heading out to deliver gifts, Mason had come from the side of the house in the back yard with his belt off, shirt untucked, and pants undone. I asked him in he had peed in the yard and he shook his head. I then asked him why his pants were nearly off and he said, "Everything just came all undone!" In the next breath while I stared at him with the raised eyebrow mom look, he recanted and said, "I'm sorry, mom, I did pee outside. I don't know why I did it, I guess I just had to go." So you can see why I thought I knew what was coming next. Wrong! Mason went on to say, "Today I went pee in the bathroom. While I was peeing in the water, it splashed up and went right in my eye. I peed in my eye!" He burst into hysterical laughter repeating to himself I peed in my eye! Of course, we all laughed but I tried to stay in mom mode and let Mason know that was not appropriate holiday chit-chat. Cheryl chimed in that she has two boys and her friend has three, they've seen and heard it all. As we left and walked to the next door, I advised Mason not to tell that story again. Mason agreed but looked to me and said, "Come on mom, have you ever peed in your eye?" Again, cracking himself up (me, too!), I replied, "No. No Mason, I have never peed in my eye." Try keeping your face strait with that one!

Thursday night we were at a Christmas celebration in Old Town Auburn. Some local businessmen had snow trucked in to cover a sloping street for sledding, there was a bon fire in the center of the party, live music, kettle-corn, carolers, vendors, and of course, Santa Claus. Mason, Dave, and I went to tell Santa what we all wanted for Christmas and when it was time to leave, Santa asked Mason a question. Mason opened his eyes really wide, gave Santa a sort-of sideways look and said, "Those chimneys are gett'n smaller and smaller you know" all while nodding his head in a way that implied Santa should understand what he was trying to say. Santa looked completely perplexed so I leaned down and asked Santa what it was he asked Mason. He told me he asked him if he would be leaving cookies and milk out on Christmas eve. Suddenly Santa got it! He started to laugh, gave Mason a hug and thanked him for being concerned with his diet and health. As we walked away, we could hear the laughter from Santa and his elves as Dave and I were doing our share of chuckling as well.

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Kara Plank said...

Mason is hilarious. I had to laugh at these stories!