Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring & Summer - All In A Weekend!

Happy Monday All!

Late last week it snowed here in Auburn, and today the temps topped out at 91 degrees! Isn't that what spring is all about? Dave had drill this weekend so it was pretty much just Mason and me during the day. I spent most of my weekend on my ongoing decluttering project while Mason played outside.

Dave and I had a date Saturday night to go out for dinner and dancing, but after the strenuous day of cleaning I had, I was pretty spent. We had a nice dinner and did go dancing, but it was one of those nights that never really got off the ground. A bit of a disappointment for both of us, but the good news is, we have a new sitter. If that's all we ended up with from the initial plan, we won the lottery!

Sunday I tackled another area of the house and Mason and I went to the park. When we got home, Dave was home early and hit the yard work with the same vigor I've been tackling the house with. He dug out a huge bamboo root ball and weed whacked much of the side lot. We had some barbecue for dinner and then sat by the fire and had a glass of wine. A perfect way to end a gorgeous weekend! See pictures below!

With a new week just hours away, I've already started my battle plan and hope you are off and running with as much enthusiasm as I am! Happy Monday! Happy New Week! Happy, happy, happy!


Big Mike said...

That is another good one. Yes, Yes I say let us have a Great Day!

Kathy said...

Thanks Mike! I wish more people would comment on my blogs! That's how you show a blogger some love! Have a great day!