Monday, May 11, 2009

Do I Have To Be Happy Because It's Mother's Day?

I'm sure glad it's Monday!

I didn't have a good Mother's Day but not for any good reason. I woke up feeling the pressure of not having a regular paycheck (comes w/being an entrepreneur), and for the most part, I was just plain down.

I took Mason to the park where unbeknown to me, they were having a mothers day carnival, all five bounce play things were $3 for unlimited use. Perfect! Mason played and I mapped out how I was feeling and some ideas/solutions to take action. It made me feel better to at least have it out of my head and a plan on paper. I called Dave and he made me feel better by talking about all my ideas and giving me some good input. You might all be thinking I was blue because Dave was away on Mother's day. Not so much. I don't like it when he's away, but frankly, I prefer it if he's not with me when I feel like this. It was better on the phone, and I felt like I had my space.

Even though I was not light hearted yesterday, I'm fully intending to start today with a sunny attitude and a list of things to do that will make me feel better. One of them will be to start this weeks exercise with the next level in my program, take Riley to the groomer, and clean my bedroom. With all that said, here's a question for all of you, if you're feeling down or out of sorts, is it okay to tell the truth and be where you are, or cover it up with niceties?

I didn't make Mother's Day calls or hang out on facebook or twitter because I just didn't have anything nice to say...the golden rule! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and a lovely Mother's Day! For me, I'm really glad it's Monday!

This quote speaks beautifully to so many of us on a daily basis. I plan to change this, for me, for today, tomorrow, each moment there after. I have so much to be grateful for and happy about. What about you?

"We are more interested in making others believe we are happy than in trying to be happy ourselves." Francois Duc de la Rochefoucauld

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Alice said...

I know the feeling. I took a break from all things technology over the weekend myself.