Monday, June 15, 2009

It's Already Nearly One PM!

Happy Monday Friends!

Where did this day go? I have such a long list of things to and it seems not enough hours in the day to do them! This week we leave for Poobah! YAY! The weather has been mild, but it's looking to be a bit warmer as the weekend approaches.

I have so much to get ready for Poobah and there are a few other irons I have in the fire, too! I can't share all of it just yet, but stay tuned and you can share in my excitement soon.

Okay, no time to chat, but I didn't want to leave everyone hanging. I know you miss me on Monday if I don't write because you e-mail me and ask if somethings wrong! I love that! Thank you.

Have a great week and I'll touch base next week after Poobah!

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