Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy As A 5 Year Old.

Happy Monday Friends!

While on vacation, I made note of something that I may not recognize while at home. The simple things that make a 5 year old happy and how they express their joy. There are some obvious things like a Popsicle, staying up 15 minutes later than bedtime, or a handful of M&Ms.

What I noticed while on vacation was that Mason took advantage of all the amenities that we came across. Like what amenities you may be taking a drink from a water fountain on the sidewalk, or stopping to look at the new design on a soda can. Really! We don't drink soda, but Mason noticed the new designs on a soda vending machine.

There was the daily ritual of anticipating being able to put the card key in the slot and open the door at precisely the right moment to let us into our condo and then again at the pool gate. Getting close to the pool and hearing kids laughing and splashing, Mason lit up and said, "I hear fun!" Can you be that happy while hearing other's joy and knowing you will be a part of it? Mason was and did! He went right over to the vacationing children, jumped in the pool and introduced himself. "Hi, I'm M-A-S-O-N. Do you know what that spells? Mason."

On the one day we planned to stay in, Mason came out of the bathroom and said, "Hey guys. What are we gonna do today? Maybe we can know, in some town, a little look, a little see. Wouldn't that be fun?" All while smiling his crooked little smile nodding his head. How do you say no to that?

The resort had a playground and Mason made it a point to get out of the pool and go play at least one time before we left, "Because it's a play ground and that's what kids do, they play." He said. Dave took Mason to the arcade where he played each game and it seemed that was enough to check off his list of resort amenities. Of course, you all know Mason and know that being on vacation is not the same without a bath in a bath tub! Yes, we have two bath tubs at home, but there's something about a hotel bath tub that has a special quality. I think it's that it's clean!

Here's my question for you; What do you have right under your nose, everyday, that you can take advantage of and really be joyous about? Can you be as happy as a 5 year old?

I have many things, but first and foremost is the keen eye and wonderfully simple sense of humor of my sweet Mason. He is far more my teacher than any educator I've ever had!

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