Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Monday!

I was completely out of sorts yesterday. There was no good reason, I was just simply out of gas. The day still needed to be addressed though so we moved onward and upward. Let me go back to Saturday though because Dave and I had a ball! Mason got an invite to sleep over at Zack's house. You know what that baby sitting and Dave and I get a date night! We headed out on Saturday afternoon to Apple Hill. We went to Patrick's Berry Farm and picked blackberries. Oh my goodness, they were SO good! I'm not much of a blackberry girl as I've never really had any that were this good and the seeds didn't make the so-so flavor worth it. Not so with these! The Navajo variety tasted like blackberry soda and the Triple Crown tasted like candy. We picked enough for Dave to make a pie, and make pie he did! He also made sorbet in two floavors; orange and nectarine. So good! We did some wine tasting in Apple Hill, toodled old town Placerville and then had a nice dinner out.

As I've already mentioned, I was pooped on Sunday but we had planned to have Monica over to shoot Mason and Scottlyn in snowsuits pretending to be in a snowball fight. We plan to use the images to create life size photo stand-ups of the kids for our trade show booth in September. It was classic, 85 or 90 degrees outside and the kids are in full snow gear throwing Styrofoam balls at each other! You'll see more about that in the coming weeks.

What did you do this weekend? Hopefully you had some fun. Don't forget to nominate ZipperBack Gloves in the Intuit Love A Local Business contest and help us gain some much needed free business capital. Have a great week and remember to do something that moves your dream forward, just a little bit! Consistency is what will get you where you want to go. Happy Monday!

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Alice said...

I love berry picking. Up here, blackberries are all over the place and they taste delicious. The pie looks great.