Monday, August 17, 2009

Baking Contest Winners!

Happy Monday!

We had a lovely weekend. Saturday Dave had drill and Mason and I stayed home baking cookies. As it turned out, we made cookies and pie for the National Guard picnic on Sunday. They had planned a baking contest and all three Partak's were in the running. Dave made a peach-blueberry pie, I made a lemon-blueberry pie, and Mason made sugar cookies. They had a clown twisting balloons, face painting, and took the kids to the petting zoo and to ride the train. Dave played horseshoes, and I got to meet some of the people Dave works with. After a great barbecue lunch, the contest was judged. Dave took third place, Mason took second place, and I took the blue ribbon! It may seem that the contest was rigged, but in fact we were three of only four entries! It's all in fun!

Mason starts school on Wednesday and he is SO excited! As many of you know, Mason started kindergarten last year but wasn't quite ready. I'm glad we decided to wait because he is so much better equipped this year. We have to get some new shoes and a haircut this week, as for clothes, we'll just wait and get them as he needs them. He's still so hard on clothes, I hate to buy anything brand new!

Have a great week and write back to let me know what you did this weekend! I love to hear what's new!

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