Monday, September 21, 2009

Back Home!

I'm home and rested. It took a full three days, but worth every exhausting moment! Last week we were in Las Vegas for the ABC Kids Expo. We introduced our ZipperBack Gloves to the world of kids retailers and they loved them! In fact, they wanted to buy them right then and there! We were totally planning to only take orders for next year not realizing that buyers for this market want their product now and will order again for next year. Our snow sports buyers buy in January for the following winter season. No matter, it was a huge success and all of my (our) instincts that this is a great product were validated.

On another note, I got to meet some of the wonderful people I talk to on facebook at twitter in Las Vegas. Some people think these social networking sites are just a mindless waste of time, and I can see how it can be like that, but not in my experience. Julianne, Christine, Josh, Jessica, Ginelle, Jim, Julia, Leslie, Bill, Chris, Kendra, Lisa, and so many more are real people who are doing business and having fun meeting others on twitter and facebook. The fun is worthwhile but the other side in business, well, there is business happening that would never have come to life if not for casually networking on line. All I'm really saying is I love these people and can see myself keeping in touch for a long time to come.

Dave, Mike, Julianne, and I all had a ball in Vegas. Back home, Julie, Cris, Kelly, Charlie, and Robin made sure Mason was cared for (how would I ever do the things I do without this incredible team?) so we could do what we needed to do and Mason could stay in school. There has been more work in bringing a product to market than I could ever have dreamed, but I'm so proud that we've made it this far and it makes the stars I'm reaching for seem so much more in reach! Look in the sky in your life and reach for your stars, too. I know you can do anything you dream of if you just take one little step each day. Big smiles, happy Monday!

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