Monday, December 3, 2012

To Believe or Not To Believe?

In the beginning....that is a pointing finger, not picking!
The sun is shining today! We were hit with a crazy-windy-wet storm over the weekend, nothing compared to what our east coast neighbors weather, but big by California standards. Most all of the fall color is gone and it is beginning to feel more like Christmas. The cookie factory is open and the living room has been prepped for the tree. When do you put your Christmas tree up? Growing up, my mom put our tree up on my birthday, a week before Christmas and we took it down on New Years day. I married a man who would put the tree up on Thanksgiving day and leave it up through January if I would agree. Talk about a tale of two worlds!


This year we are watching Mason struggle with the idea of Santa and is he real? He is 9 years old incredibly smart, but he is also all about the magic and "anything is possible." We put the Advent calendar out and on the first day he asked me, "Mom, tell me the ultimate truth, the total real truth, did you put the treat in the box?" I honestly said I did not put the treat in the box. Mason nodded and said okay, but he wasn't convinced. He asked me again and I sat with him to talk about this with no distraction. I confirmed that it is not elves that put goodies in the calendar boxes, it is actually dad. He nodded. I treaded lightly when I said, "Mason, you are a smart kid. Do you really think it is possible for one man to fly all around the world in a magic sleigh, with reindeer that fly, in a single night?" Without missing a beat he replied, "Oh yeah! I totally believe in Santa! Oh yes I do. It might be dad putting candy in a calendar box, but Santa is real!" Ugh. I back-pedaled and said, "Great! You better be good if you want to stay on the Nice list." Dave come home later and Mason informed him that he knows he is the "elf" that leaves the daily treats. Having not been informed of the events of the day, Dave was aghast! Mason filled him in on the details and basically threw me under the bus for trying to tell him Santa wasn't real. Laughing! How the heck did that happen? Dave teamed with Mason and off to bed we all went. Fast forward to last night, while we were rearranging the living room to make room for the Christmas tree, Mason announced that he knows Dave is Santa. What?! Where did that come from? Dave was pretty heartbroken, but hid is pain as he changed the subject. Mason and I were in the kitchen and I asked him why the change of heart to which he replied, "Mom, I know. I just really like Santa." My heart melted at his honest admission of his struggle to want to believe so badly. I shared with him that Santa is real, Santa lives in me, his dad, and him. Every time you give a gift, do a kind deed, and help the magic live a little bit longer in the eyes of a little boy or girl, that is how Santa is real. I got a smile and a hug and I made sure to pass those on to my husband, who is still feeling the sadness of a childhood milestone finally come.

From believing in Santa to lots of cooking, Mason is having a ball baking and creating a YouTube channel of tutorials for kids. He is calling it "Kids Can Cook!" and it includes things like how to properly measure flour, how to know when to sift it, "Do You Know What These Are?", how to make icing and decorating videos are coming this week. Here's the link to his YouTube channel, please click and view his videos - comments are welcome and share! Click here.


Who knows how long this will hold his interest, but I am sure having fun on this journey with him. Not to mention, he is learning some incredible skills in the kitchen. I made him a photo book of his cooking journey for Christmas, I'll post the link on my blog if you want to take a peek. (MyPublisher is having a web issue, I will post as soon as it is available)
I am practicing the piano today as I have my final exam recital on Thursday. I am not sure I am going to nail it, but I will show up and try. I also have pies to make and cookies to decorate. Just another busy day, but a busy day in an amazing life! Happy Holidays!

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