Monday, October 14, 2013

Surprise! Mason Finally Made it to LEGOLAND!

Dave and I have been wanting to take Mason to LEGOLAND for the past several years, and we almost did two years ago - except, Mason was not behaving in such a way that warranted a trip to a theme park 7 hours away. Yep, we canceled the trip! This time, we planned a day at LEGOLAND and a few days at Disneyland for his 10th birthday and didn't tell him. The idea was to get him up early on Sunday morning and just let our road trip begin. Well, it was all good until a week before we left, a confirmation came from the Disney property we were planning to stay at and the cat was out of the bag - at least the Disney cat was, we still had LEGOLAND!

We managed to keep it a surprise until we could not avoid the signs, arrows, and Lego figures everywhere! Here we are, we finally made it to the land of everything Lego! Happy 10th Birthday Mason, let the fun begin!

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