Monday, October 3, 2016

Fall Home Show in the Bag!

Happy Monday Friends and welcome to fall!

Yes, we got a taste of real fall weather over the weekend, cooler temps and even an awesome thunder storm with a heavy downpour yesterday. I have been busier than usual these last few weeks, between work, events, and Mason's performance schedules, I'm not sure which direction I'm heading when. In fact, the days got away from me so much that I didn't write a Monday Motivator at all. 

We just wrapped up the fall home show here in Auburn and it was wildly successful. Mason did Chopped Challenges all three days and when he wasn't performing, he was either emceeing other chefs during their Chopped Challenge or selling sauces in his Mason Made booth. He got to do double duty making money with his business and being paid for his host duties. Not bad as he gets ready to turn the clock over to being a teenager! Yep, the 20th of this month my baby turns the heck did that happen? He almost sold out of all his product, coming home with just 8 bottles of sauce. We will be restocking for the Mandarin Festival where we expect much of the same the weekend of November 18-20. As I mentioned in an earlier email, we are planning to put together some pretty packaging to make ready made gifts. If you can come to the festival, you can taste the products or you can just trust us when the tell you they are delicious! I'll send out more details as the event gets closer.

This coming Friday I am off to NYC for a girls weekend with Lisa and I cannot wait! New York in the fall and with no other commitments on my calendar, sounds like heaven. Now I'm off to keep tackling my list so I can get all my work done this week. I hope you are enjoying the change of season as much as I am and I'm sure I'll have plenty to share from the east coast next week.

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