Monday, July 17, 2017

What If Every One Could See The Real You?

I will never understand mean people. How it makes one feel good to belittle and degrade others is just out of my scope of reality. I certainly am not perfect, and I have made a snide remark or comment, but not in a long time. I have become acutely aware of my word choices and the effects they have. I remind Mason and Dave often that no matter what, even with an apology, they cannot unsay something. 
I also wonder about life and how would people be perceived if the way the really are and act could be transparently seen by others. What I mean is, if you are mean and nasty at home and with people who serve you, would your clients buy from you at work if they knew that? Interesting to think about.
I want a life surrounded by people who lift each other up, celebrate all successes, and have kind words when we fail. What an amazing world it would be if everyone felt this way, and what a great gift we would give our kids if we could minimally all just do this at home with each other.

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