Monday, September 18, 2017

Sincerely Grateful

I’ve been so overrun with work, Mason’s life, family life, and life life that my Monday Motivators have been living in my head and not in print. I’m starting here and I’ll go back and “catch up” when I make time - or feel inspired, whichever comes first.

As you all know, we are now a boat family, we are loving being a boat family. In fact, if I had known how relaxing it is to take an evening swim, or enjoy a picnic dinner on the lake, I may have agreed to the boat a long time ago. In any case, as long as I’ve known Dave he’s wanted a ski boat. There have been a couple of times that we toyed with the idea but the timing was just never quite right. 

Whenever we would be out dining somewhere that provided for a boat to dock and the people to walk up and eat, Dave would say, “See, that could be us! We could be spending the day on the river, stop to eat and drink, tootle up a little further, stop and listen to some live music…that could be us.” I would typically reply, “That will be us, we’ll have that boat.” Yesterday, that was us! We took the boat to the river and did just that. We had lunch and listened to live music at Swabbies, we tootled in both directions enjoying the views from the river, the beautiful and some unusual homes, and docked in Old Sacramento where Mason took the time to visit Evangeline’s getting ideas for his Halloween costume. It was what I call a “Red Letter” day. Dreams do come true, it’s just a matter of time and timing. This is a good time for us to be a boat family, Dave is not as busy every weekend, Mason is old enough to be learning the ropes and he’s really enjoying wake boarding and tubing, and we live just minutes from the boat launch at Folsom Lake. 

With all of this said, I had a pretty profound experience as our day was winding down, the band at Swabbies played a song I’ve loved for years, I know all the words and I jumped to my feet to dance and sing along. As I started singing, I couldn’t get the words out, it was like I was making the sounds but it was more like I didn’t know the words. But I do know the the words, and I couldn’t say them and sing along…it occurred to me that I couldn’t sing the song because I don’t feel that way anymore. The song is called “Something More” by Sugarland and this is the chorus - “There's gotta be something more, Gotta be more than this, I need a little less hard time, I need a little more bliss.  I'm gonna take my chances, Taking a chance I might, Find what I'm looking for, There's gotta be something more.” The fact of the matter is, yesterday was bliss, it was perfectly perfect in that we are living an amazing abundant life. I’m sure there is something more, but it seems crazy to think that what I have right now and the way I am living in this moment should be any better. We are blessed beyond measure to have the love we have with each other, our health is good, our son who is thriving on so many levels, strong finances, and more opportunities coming our way every day. The verse in the song that I could sing, and I did, goes like this, “Some believe in destiny, and some believe in fate, I believe that happiness is something we create, You best believe that I'm not gonna wait.” 

I feel like I’ve taken the actions to create an incredible life for us Partaks and to think there is something more I could need or want, well, I just don’t see it. Should more come our way, great, if not, we absolutely have more than most ever dare to dream of having and I’m grateful, sincerely grateful.

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