Monday, April 30, 2018

He's Driving!

"Success does not come to those who merely have great ideas. Success comes to those who have great ideas and who follow through on them. Your carefully crafted plans bring value only when you put them into action. The best of intentions are useful only when combined with doing the work needed to get you where you want to go." Kathy Partak

Mason is full of good ideas, some he's even excited about and will take action like the school kitchen project back in 2015, and preparing to compete on Chopped Junior. I hope he makes the connection that when he takes the action and does the work, the rewards come. 

Dave and I work really hard to be able to travel and vacation, we do the work, make the plans and pay as we go so hopefully the only money we need when it's time to go is for food and fun. This discussion came up because guess who got his first driving lesson? Yep! Mason is learning to drive and what will he need next year when he gets his license? Laughing! Of course, it's a car, but before he gets a car, he needs to keep his grades up and continue to show us that he can be responsible and make good choices. 

A personal note to my son, "Mason, stay the course. Do the work and keep your eye on the prize, not the fun that is happening at the moment. You will have so much more fun when you achieve your goals, so certainly enjoy life, but don't get so sidetracked, that you stop moving forward."

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