Monday, September 8, 2003

MM 9/8/2003

Good Morning!

Here we are again.....Monday, Monday, Monday! If you haven't noticed, I am writing to you from my Yahoo address which in this case means I am at home....yep, I had a feeling and here I am, at home, on my tushie with my feet up for a week. Nothing too serious, just some slightly elevated blood pressure and swelling. It is not all bad, but I really wanted to work through
October. Maybe I still can, I see the doc again on Thursday so we will see where I am come next Monday.

So on Saturday, Dave and I attended a Childbirth Preparedness class. Do they really think it is
possible to prepare two people for giving birth and bringing home a newborn baby? Laughing! If they continually tell you "Every experience is different," how can they really prepare you for the unknown? Or the "this might happen to you"? I have to say, some of the facts were enlightening and it was surely a good exercise for the two of us. The good news is, the
videos are not the yelling, screaming in pain movies that they used to be.....still graphic, but not so bad.

This motivator is just too perfect for me today and for the next few months. I hope you find some value in it somewhere in your today as well. Lots of love and drop me a call if you want, I'm home, sitting & Elevating! Laughing!

Love Kath

P.S. For those of you who are new to the list, this is just a little jump start for the new week. It is a cool way to keep in touch and hopefully gives you something as well. If you want to be removed from the list, just let me know!

At Peace

Let yourself know the beauty of being completely at peace in this very moment. Calm your thoughts, quiet your mind, and breathe in the serenity that is now.

All is well and all is as it should be. Relax, and know the peaceful stillness as it fills you to the
core. In the quiet serenity of now, there is no need to prove anything. Worry and strife are nothing more than distant illusions.

With every slow and peaceful breath you take, something becomes abundantly clear. You know without a doubt that there is a real and valuable goodness that comes with every moment, every circumstance, every experience.

In this moment, be at peace. Experience the calm, confident, positive power. Let yourself be at peace. And you will truly know how to make much more of it.

Ralph Marston from The Daily Motivator
with permissiom

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