Monday, November 1, 2004

Fall Back = Extra Hour Of Sleep

Well, I don't know about all of you, but I got this extra hour of sleep this weekend and I am still tired! It is 9 PM and I still have so much to do before I can go to bed, the least exciting being reading and deciding my ballot to vote tomorrow. Now, I know friends are not supposed to discuss politics and religion. You all know from Dave's previous e-mails that he has cast a vote for John Kerry. I feel comfortable telling all of you I am not voting for George Bush. I am also not voting for John Kerry. So, Dave made a point to tell me that if I don't vote for one of the main parties my vote doesn't really count. In fact, I see it more as taking a vote away from one of the two big guys thus putting a slight ripple in the water. I just don't want to feel forced to vote for a candidate I don't believe in and I don't believe in either Bush or Kerry to do the job that needs to be done. Enough of that!

I have been quite busy. Mason had a wonderful Halloween. He and I dressed up on Friday to do the downtown Auburn trick or treating. I was Cruella and Mason was a dalmatian. Mason was supposed to be a crab and I fully intended to dress him and take him to our neighbors homes to trick or treat. Well, Saturday we went to a party and again he was a dalmatian and I went as "MOMMY: An Army Of One." I wore Dave's fatigues with a binky attached to my lapel and dirty burp cloth over my shoulder and butt paste in my pocket in addition to the baby on my hip and his bottle in my hand. Now, this was the first time Mason became Mr. Social! He was visiting with everyone, playing with the kids, eating cheese and crackers and dancing with the grown ups....laughing all the way! It was a hoot to witness. With all of this, by the time it was time for the real Halloween, we were plum tuckered out. He doesn't like the crab costume, the wind is blowing and I am ready to hunker down and pass out candy. This he liked! The kids coming to the door and us putting candy in their bags...again, all giggles and grins!

So here we are at November one and I am ready to roast a turkey, celebrate the holidays, ring in the new year and welcome my husband home! Mason and I went for a long walk today and took pictures of the turning leaves. Next week will be equally exciting when we spend the weekend with David and Lisa in the snow in Truckee. I will be sure to include pictures of Mason either loving or hating the white stuff his daddy longs for! With lots of love, welcome to November! Enjoy the changing season and embrace your changing life!

Love Kathy

Changes come

You cannot know precisely what tomorrow will bring. Yet there is one thing about tomorrow of which you can be certain. You can be sure that tomorrow will be, in many ways, different than today. Things will continue to change, as they always do.

Life itself is a process of change. Night follows day, spring follows winter. Some things grow, while others fade. Styles change, markets change, opinions change, and through it all, life moves forward, changing from day to day.

When the changes don't go your way, take heart. For even the changes are subject to change, and if you're down, the next change can bring you back up.

Learn to weather the changes, to roll with the punches and to run when the wind is at your back. And as the changes continue to come, you'll move surely and steadily ahead.
Ralph Marston from The Daily Motivator with permission

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