Monday, January 24, 2005

Counting Down The Days!

Well, the count down is officially on for Mason and I. This whole military thing is so crazy. We are leaving for Washington (Tacoma) in two weeks and we are not even for sure Dave will be there. I have good reason to believe he will be but I think it is just one more maddening thing about the army that we can never know anything for sure. Keep in mind as you read this I have had the official crappy week that has carried over into the weekend. Mason and I have both been sick. He with the typical cold and ear ache and me with a crazy flu virus in my muscles. Maybe it is just the way it manifested but I have been achy and sleepy and crabby for almost a week! I guess Mace has had about enough of me and just let me have it today. He cried, screamed, fake cried and crabbed right back at me. EESH! When did I say Dave is coming home? He needs to come deal with HIS son! Laughing!

We are actually both better and very excited about our travels. I will keep you all posted and be sure to send pictures when we get back. Next weekend we will be in Alameda for the Kiwanis Chili cook off to see if Terry can pull off a 3rd strait First Place! Then it will be a mere 5 more days until we are off to see our man!

Lots of love to you all,

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