Monday, February 12, 2007

It's Raining!

It worked! Thank you to each and every one of you who did your rain dance last week!

Here we are starting another new week and it is the week of love...yes, Wednesday is Valentines day and this will be the first Valentines day in 3 years that Dave and I will be together. I hope you have plans with your loved one and that means that your loved one can be your best friend, family and even, the best love, you!

We have some big news in the Partak family. I think all of you know that Dave is adopted and that I gave a child up for adoption 16 years ago. With that, we have had many conversations about the day Michael may look for me and Dave looking for his biological mother. Well, last month we located the information that Dave's mother passed away in 1995 and though that is sad, Dave also learned that he has three sisters and has been communicating with two of them extensively. They are very glad that Dave contacted them and we are planning to meet the youngest of the three, Kisti and her husband Mark this weekend. They live in San Martin, south of San Jose. She is three years older than Dave and through the e-mails, seems like a woman with a great outlook on life, smart and funny. His sister JK, lives with her family in Massachusetts, is also very excited about knowing Dave, Mason and me. JK is seven years older than Dave and is trying to figure out why she doesn't remember her mother being pregnant. The oldest of the three girls is Ruth and though she lives in San Jose has some sort of mental disability and with that, Dave has not communicated with her yet. It is quite an experience and for the most part, the start of what we hope is a wonderful journey. For now, Dave is as giddy as I have ever seen him and I love seeing him get answers to the questions he has had for so many years.

I hope you all have a great week and make the most of this week of love. Open your heart and tell the people you love that you love them and hug as many people as you can. It makes them feel good and will do wonders for your spirit too! And just in case you don't get a Valentine, let me be the first to say "I love you!" Enjoy this Motivator, I think it says what many of us cannot.

Be Mine,


With love

Put no demands on love, and love will bring you much. Give love away, and it will be yours in greater and greater abundance.

With love, what was weak will grow strong. With love, what was impossible becomes real.

Love can find the beauty and value in even the most desperate situation. Love will bring hope where nothing else can.

Though love cannot be explained, it can never be denied. Love has its own reality that transcends the most oppressive limitations.

Love elevates what it touches to a higher dimension. When love is present, fears are calmed, wounds begin to heal, and joy is gloriously within reach.

Love, not because there is a reason, but because there is the possibility. Love, and you will know what you cannot understand.
Ralph Marston from the Daily Motivator
with permission

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