Monday, February 5, 2007

Cleveland Rocks!

Happy February!

This year is on its way to speeding by. I am home from Cleveland and feeling better. Other than being sick, Cleveland was fun. I got to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and made some new friends. Annette was the only other woman in my class and my roommate so our friendship was inevitable and hopefully we will stay in touch and become great friends.

Back and home and finally back on CA time, Dave, Mason and Riley were all happy to see me. Funny how that works, they were all happy to see me in their own ways. Dave was happy to no longer have to do all the Mason duties by himself, Mason was happy to see me and the first words out of his mouth at 7:30 AM were "Did you bring me a present?" and Riley was the most happy to see me just because I am me! Dave teased me that I missed Riley the most and my reply was simple, if he missed me as much when I returned from a week long trip as he did when I returned from just going to the street to get the mail like Riley does, I would be happiest to see him too! You get back what you put out, the law of attraction.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and your team won. At least if your team did not win, I hope you won some money in the football pool. And if your team lost and you didn't win any money then the best we can hope for is that you had a good time eating and drinking. If you have a rain dance, please do it. We need rain and snow desperately and with that, have a great first week in February! Enjoy the motivator and the picture of Annette and I at the R&R Hall of Fame.

Lots of love,

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