Monday, February 19, 2007

President's Day

Happy President's Day!

Hopefully you have the day off but being a working mother, I never get the day off. Well, that's not all the way true, Dave did give me Mother's Day off and it was wonderful, but most other days, "Hi - Ho, Hi - Ho, it's off to work I go..."

So yesterday I wrote two offers on houses for both my clients I am representing. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they both end up accepted and I can stop showing houses every evening instead of being home with my boys. I guess if I was home I would be studying for my brokers test and writing my book. This is a year of work, work, work and prosper, prosper, prosper! The cool thing is that I am quite comfortable with the real estate contract so when the opportunity presents itself at any point in the future, I will not only be ready but confident.

I have lots more to tell but have to save it for next week. I have to go to bed so I can get up leaving enough time to workout before I start another very busy day. Have a great week and make great things happen in your life starting with today!

Lots of love,


You are worthy

You are worthy of the best in life. It's not because anyone tells you so or gives you permission to be, but because you know deep down that you are.

You have every reason to feel great about the good and valuable things you have done. You have the ability to expand on that goodness, on that value, on your own special gifts.

Where you are is a very good place to be. For you are in a position to truly make a difference by expressing and fulfilling your most deeply held values and dreams.

Certainly things are not perfect, and your world is filled with difficult challenges. Yet there is real treasure hidden within those challenges, for you have what it takes to move successfully through them.

You know how great it feels to accomplish something positive and meaningful. Listen to that feeling, for it connects you to your purpose and your ability to do great things.

Whatever you can imagine, you are worthy of reaching. Choose to make everything in your life worthy of the unique and valuable person you are.
Ralph Marston from The Daily Motivator with permission

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