Monday, April 30, 2007

MM 4/30/2007

Happy, happy day!

We had a wonderful weekend. As many of you know, it was Wild West Stampede weekend here in Auburn and that means Rodeo! We love the rodeo and Mason of course, was all about living the cowboy way. He was very upset that he is still not old enough to ride a sheep (Mutton Bustin) but we promised him next year he would be a contender. On Wednesday at the opening ceremonies for the Rodeo, Mason participated in a dummy roping contest (he's not the dummy, the dummy is the bull, the target) and though he did not win, he was the first little guy to actually rope the dummy all by himself! I have to say, I was quite proud that he participated, followed the rules and didn't chicken out.

Yesterday we did what I call "Happy Home" work. It is all the stuff you have to do to keep your home happy. I got up before the boys and took my coffee and Sunday paper out back to read in the morning sunshine. Later we organized the garage and started getting our camping gear in order, and then we moved to the backyard to clean the waterfall and get it running again. That was a dirty job but it was so nice when it was all clean and running with all that joyous noise. We celebrated our happy home with a pre Cinco de Mayo celebration in the backyard with meat and veggies on the grill served with fresh guacamole and Corona's with lime. What a great weekend!

I am ramped up for the coming week. I have lots to do for all my jobs but I'm feeling especially able. It is a funny thing, finishing my book has made me realize I can do anything... literally anything. I thought several times this weekend when I didn't want to finish a dirty task (cleaning the sledge out of the bottom of the pond), "hey, I wrote a book, I can finish this." From that standpoint, it is nothing but good. Have a wonderful week and here is today's Motivator:

Think about what your wildest dream is. When you come up with what it is you want to do, where you want to go whatever it is, take some action to find out what it will really take to make it happen. Just for grins, look into it. Then, after you have some info, dream bigger because no matter what it is, it is small potatoes compared to what you could actually accomplish or achieve!

Lots of love and big smiles from the beautiful Sierra Foothills!

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