Monday, April 21, 2008

Pictures from Hue and Hoi An

These are some of the larger, nicer boats in the boat city.

This wonderful monk was the epitome of joy! He never stopped smiling and showing his love for every person he encountered.

We didn't get to interact with too many of the older Vietnamese people so this opportunity to visit with this woman living on her boat was exceptional. Dahlynn commented that the rooster must be her alarm clock!

This is the perfect example of the purity of these children. So happy!

The skill of many of the people we met was incredible. These fishermen were so happy to show us how they make their living. I tend to think in their case, they make more money from tourists paying to see them throw net than they do actually fishing!

Yep, they caught fish! The eyes on the boats are to watch out for evil spirits. The eyes apparently help the God of River and the God of Fish!

Sunset and the end of the workday for people fishing on the river. This couple is moving a load of bamboo walking alongside their boat.

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