Monday, January 12, 2009

I Got A Job!

Finally! On Friday, I received one of the highest compliments of my life. Please indulge me for just a minute while I share my day with you.

In early December I submitted my resume to a family owned coffee company that's moving their headquarters of thirty years from the bay area to the small town of Lincoln. I found the job on line and though I realize I'm overqualified be a receptionist, I'm certainly not too good to be one. I was called to interview on 12/30 and because of the many applicants, we interviewed in groups of six, an open forum style interview. Thank goodness for all those years of auditioning (many auditions are done in groups)! I felt good about the interview but also realized that with so many qualified applicants, there had to be someone qualified, not as over-qualified, who wanted less money than I required.

I was pleased to get a call on Tuesday evening asking if I could interview for round two in Lincoln on Friday. "Absolutely!" Let me make a sincere and public thank you to Ken for keeping Mason for me while I went to my meeting. This interview was just me, but the great energy was being dimmed by the elephant in the room that everyone knew was my strong sales and management experience. I did my best to address the concern, but like I do most everything, I acknowledged the validity of their concern, asked them to have faith in me to do a great job and we moved on. When the interview ended I was offered a tour of the new facility during which time the gentleman who interviewed me came running over to Warren and I and asked Warren to join him for a moment. This interruption turned into another interview and many compliments about me, my confidence, my candor, my upbeat attitude, and so on (Yes, they went on and on!). I left more than two hours later and felt great!

I no sooner got home than my phone was ringing asking me if I could come back. I packed Mason up and off we went. I met with Warren again to learn that they were offering the reception position to the other candidate but would like to offer me a position that they created for me between the time I left the interview and made the trip back to receive the offer! Talk about flattery!

Now you may all be thinking that this has me blowing my own horn a little more than is warranted. I say no way! I've earned this moment. I've worked extremely hard, kept my ethics in, and conceded when it was the right thing to do. I'm so pleased that someone else, more than one someone can see all the good that I know I have to offer. This all validates my belief that if you work hard and do the right thing, the right thing comes your way!

I'll share more about the position in the coming weeks. I start training on Monday the 19th and if you want, you can check out the Rogers Family Organic Coffee Company at

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