Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Fall Y'all!

Hi Friends,
This has been a busy, wild, fun, and hectic week. The bright spots were date night for Dave and I on Saturday night. We went to a wine tasting fundraiser. Dave wore a suit and tie and I wore a dress with stockings and high heels! Indeed, it was lots of fun.

On Sunday we were invited to join James and Lisa Leis invited us to join them on a limo trip to Apple Hill! We took Mason's friend Zachary and there were two other kids with us as well. It was a luxurious, fun, family trip! We didn't have a moment to rest and this morning we were off to Bishop's Pumpkin Farm in Wheatland, CA. A little town with a great place to spend a day with your family and come home with pumpkins! This was a field trip with Mason's class and our first time visiting. I can say with certainty, we will go back as one of our fall traditions for years to come!

The glove business is off the hook! We have sold nearly all of our inventory. Retailers are reaching out from all over the globe. We ordered some more inventory to be here by Thanksgiving. If you know someone with kids, who can use snow gloves, please refer them to us and our web site. Now more than ever we need your help to sell the gloves we have coming. The more people who know, during the winter months, about ZipperBack Gloves can only mean success! I'm counting on you to help us spread the word!

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