Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy last Monday of 2009!

This year has been a challenge for all of us, for me, it's been especially difficult this last quarter. As tough as it's been, it would be easy to write the whole year off as "bad" when in fact there have been many victories as well. Here are a few of the bright spots from 2009:

--ZipperBack Gloves were launched for sale in retail stores as planned. Many said the time was too short for the work that needed to be done, but I did it! I certainly have help on many fronts, but for the most part, it was my tenacity and optimism that kept the project moving.

--Dave is back in school! Hooray! Dave has been dissatisfied that he has not finished his college education and finally took action to get back in class. To say I am proud of him is an understatement. He lights up my life everyday and I still thank heaven that we have each other.

--Our family took a wonderful vacation this summer to Windsor, CA. Julie generously offered us a week in her timeshare and it was time together that we are still talking and smiling about.

--I joined Toastmasters and can see my speaking career coming to life, even if it's only at my weekly meetings and a service club here and there! We all have to start somewhere.

--We welcomed a new puppy, Spencer to our family and a new kitty, who has yet to be named as well. Losing Riley and then Inca just a few weeks later was really hard, but the joy of our new furry friends is certainly something to be grateful for!

--The biggest highlight of 2009 is the recognition of how many true friends we have. Dave and I have spent many days expressing our gratitude for how many people we have in our lives that are true friends, the kind of people you can call at 2 AM when you need to talk and they won't think twice about waking up to hear what's troubling you. Maybe you all feel okay about getting that call because you know we would never wake you unless it's extremely urgent! In any case, each and every one of you is a bright spot in our lives and when I say, "I love you" it's heart felt!

On a fun note, Dave's dad came to visit for Christmas. Last night we celebrated the new year a little early. We had a lovely delicatessen dinner, played some board games and then right at Mason-Midnight (9 PM), we put our hats on, blew horns, popped poppers and shared hugs and kisses! You can see the pictures below!

I hope you can find lots of things to be grateful for in 2009 and even more to look forward to in 2010. Happy New Year! With so much love, Kathy (Dave and Mason, too!)

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