Monday, December 7, 2009

Record Snow in Auburn

"Baby, it's cold outside!" I'm loving this winter weather. The news is reporting that we may get snow tonight and by the way the wind is whistling, I'd say I believe it!

Dave has been fighting a cold and with work, school, and See's for Soldiers, it seems there just isn't time to get our Christmas decorations up. He's been putting them up one here, another there so I'm sure they'll all find their way up eventually. I'm not feeling the holiday spirit the way I usually do, but as I unpack our indoor decorations and decorate cookies, it's a little easier to make it fun for Mason.

Other than the busy-ness of our full life, things are good. The gloves are getting rave reviews, sales are up, and Christmas cookies are under way.

I wrote this on Sunday night planning to write the rest on Monday morning. Little did I know we would be waking up not feeling well, to more than six inches of snow, broken limbs on both of our oak trees and several olive trees, and no Internet! The Internet connection being down was the least of our worries. So after several hours on the phone with AT&T and a new wireless modem, here I am! Though I wasn't feeling well, Dave and Mason loved, loved, loved the snow day. I hope your Monday was as much fun as Mason's "school is closed for snow" day!

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