Monday, December 14, 2009

Only ten more shopping days until Christmas! Are you ready? I'm not. This year has been such a challenge that the material part of the holiday just seems inconsiderate. I mean, so many people are out of work, struggling to keep their houses, and food on the table to buy gifts just because it's Christmas seems in poor taste. If you have the funds and want to give a gift, it makes more sense to me to bake a pie, pick up a turkey on sale, or just make time to visit. I'm in the mood for a more personal holiday.

Things have settled down for us after losing Riley and then having to surrender Brando. Dave reached out to all of you in a time of deep grief and many of you responded with such love and kindness that to simply say "thank you" doesn't seem like enough. Some of you chipped in to help us purchase a new puppy and I want you to know your love is now licking my face! His name is Spencer and he is a total character! Our house feels so much more like home with a dog. I don't know exactly how right now, but I will pay your generosity forward. Smiling.

Happy, happy birthday Lisa A., Terry L., Eric C., Chris H., Olivia who's 1, Brenda P., and Paul D. who shares my birthday exactly! All of us December babies get to celebrate during the most festive time of year!

I hope you are feeling joy this holiday season and not the stress that can easily overtake you when you least expect it! With all my love!

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Alice said...

It so nice to see you smiling with Spencer. I agree with you very much on de-materializing this Christmas. A visit with friends, time on the phone or receiving a heartfelt letter is so much more meaningful to me. Gifts are, of course very nice, but it should be from the heart and not at the expense of more important essentials.